Sunday, September 2, 2018

Welcome to the fam Kevin!

I did everything, everything in my power to try to get this kid to come out early. I wanted him as far away from Teagan's birthday as I could. My last day at work was the end of April, so I had absolutely nothing better to do than have a baby.
I thought a Cinco de Mayo baby would be so fun! Or even a "May the 4th" baby.
I jumped on the tramp. Bounced on the ball constantly. And went on long(ish) walks.
I ate pineapple, eggplant, the spiciest chips.
We drove up the mountains twice.
And still nothing.
I think the fact that their were no storms, and no full moon, the odds were against me. ;)

I was scheduled to be induced the day after Teagan's birthday, May 14, one week before my due date. So after celebrating my cutest 4 year old daughter, and barely sleeping that night, we headed to the hospital at noon the next day.
3.5 hours later, our sweet Kevin came out crying! :)

Teagan was so excited about her new baby brother. Austin...not so much.

While Teagan was loving on him...

Austin just wanted the iPad.

Luckily, he warmed right up to his new brother.

And now, despite my best efforts, I have 2 kids birthdays that are only a day apart from each other. Brett tells me that it's not a big deal, they'll both equally feel special growing up. So lets hope that stays true!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Tulip Festival

In my last few weeks of pregnancy, I felt like a beached whale. Everything hurt. Even sleeping hurt. I really felt bad for the kids that I was being such a boring, unproductive mother. Luckily, I was gifted some free tickets to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point. So I had no excuse not to go, right??

I always forget how absolutely HUGE Thanksgiving Point is. We didn't even walk around the whole thing, there is no way that my body would let me.

The Secret Garden, complete with throwing in coins to make special wishes.

I had seen these special statues with my favorite work people, about 6 years ago, but it was still in the very beginning stages, and most of them weren't full size yet. It was so special for me to see these statues of Christ, from stories from the scriptures.

The kids loved touching and playing around them. Good thing there are no signs that say you can't!

Friday, April 20, 2018

Dental School Graduation

We're going to skip quite a few months now, I feel like a whole lot of nothing has happened lately! But something BIG happened this week! Brett has finally graduated from dental school!!
So many changes are happening for our little family this spring/summer. I'm a little scared of it all. But we are so excited to start this next chapter, with an actual career! Woohoo!!

We celebrated with his other dentist friends and their wives at dinner last weekend.
Monday was graduation at Abravanel Hall.

The kids were so good during the whole thing, especially being distracted by Grandma Kelly's phone!

These kids are so proud of their dad, even though they probably are not entirely sure what is even going on!

Brett and his parents!

And one of this cute boy, just because.

This is the same group of friends we had gone to dinner with. Look how happy they all are! :)

These 5 dentists will be working for the same company out in Oklahoma/Arkansas, Spring Dental.

Which I guess is one of our huge changes! We are moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma this summer!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


It's safe to say that I have brainwashed the kids well. And even Brett has fallen in love with Disneyland. Just the other day he said, "Now that I have so much time off, we should be going to Disneyland or something!" I know, I never thought I'd hear him say those words either. But having kids just make Disneyland so much more fun, as if it wasn't fun enough already.

We surprised the kids by giving them a couple of toys while we were headed to the airport. I took a video, but Teagan is 3, and throws fits, so I'm choosing to only share the picture after she learned to be happy with her Dumbo toy. :)

Of course, I have to share that we traveled for free using our Southwest points and Companion Pass. We used our IHG points and free nights to stay at a hotel close by, and walked to and from Disneyland for 3 days.
One of these days, we'll hopefully be able to afford to stay at a resort hotel. I can dream!!!

We did something suuuper crazy, and went to California Adventure first. I never do that. I felt like I was breaking the rules. But it went better with our schedule, and the Magic Morning I wanted to use the next day, so it had to be done.

The next 2 days were spent in Disneyland.

The kids love Dumbo and the Carousel.

I figured we take our Christmas card picture early that morning, before the castle got too crowded!

Teagan was just over 40 inches tall, so this opened up a whole new world of rides for her! She loved Splash Mountain, and went on it 3 times!

Our last night there, we waited in line for HOURS for It's a Small World. It was the opening day of the Christmas decor, so everyone wanted to experience the magic.

Until next time!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Last 6 Months

I really am trying to catch up on life. I feel like these last 6 months have gone by so quickly! Where did my time go? Some of these pictures deserve some posts of their own, but I'll quickly post what we've been up to for the last little while. 

Austin has gotten to know Uncle Bridger, which took no time at all. He was born soon after Bridger left on his mission for 2 years!

We went boating a few times, and always have a blast!

I ran into my new friends from Peru, and they invited me and the kids into their beautiful home! (Brett was reffing football, so he couldn't be there)

We went to the Salt Lake County Fair, mainly to try some churros from a company I new was going to be there. I probably scarfed down those churros before the thought entered my mind to take a picture. Oh well. :)

Teagan got a big girl bed! She begged and begged for that thing, then didn't want to sleep in it for the first couple weeks. I think she got nervous, and took comfort in her little toddler bed. But she eventually warmed up to the twin size and sleeps like a champ!

We went to California for a few days to go to a wedding...that we ended up getting uninvited to since we had our kids with us. But we were pleased as punch to get more beach time because of that!

Brett and his dad took a long bike ride from Port Hueneme to Ojai. We met them at a yummy Mexican restaurant. But the place had no chairs or tables. So we ate our food on the sidewalk.

They found a big hole someone had dug up and climbed on in!

As much as I tried to will it not to happen, I turned the big 30. My sister made a crown that she lets everyone wear for their 30th birthday; like Rachel Green in the show Friends.
I am so sad to no longer be in my 20s. I sound officially old, although I don't feel like it. I'm determined to have an even better decade than I did in my 20s. Because once I turn 40, I may as well be a grandma. But hopefully not, because Teagan will only be 13. Ah!!

The kids had so much fun on Halloween! The weather was so great, they didn't even have to wear a jacket.

We went to Disneyland in November, right in time for their Christmas decorations! I'll need to blog more about this trip. The kids beg to go back all of the time!

Austin turned 2! I just love this boy so much! He loves swimming and Chick-Fil-A, so that day was all about him.

Let's see...Christmas happened. And I haven't even taken those pictures off of my camera yet! I'll post those soon.

Brett has been having interviews for jobs, so we've been on a few more short trips for those. I haven't taken many pictures though, because it's mostly just him at his interview all day, while I'm driving around neighborhoods, trying to figure out where we would live! We'll find out in a few short weeks where we'll be moving to!