Monday, November 22, 2010

Shopping Friday

I don't like calling it 'black' friday. It sounds evil? Maybe it is evil...cuz that day steals everyone's money. But shopping is one of my favorite things to do. So I'd like to think it's not evil.

Does anyone know of any amazing deals going on?? Anywhere?? I would love to go to the mall at midnight, but there's nothing there I can think of that I need. So please help me think of something! And Brett has even said that he would like to go shopping with me. In the middle of the night!!!!! This is huge, cuz he NEVER wants to go shopping.
Also, I would love to wake up early, and stand in line for a doorbuster, but again, I can't think of anything I need.

Me and Brett would like a nicer/bigger TV....but it's not something we really need. But if there was an AWESOME BLOSSOM EXTRA AWESOME deal on one, I might just give in..

Oh!! We do NEED a treadmill. We're hoping to get lucky, and find a good one on KSL. But the good ones always go so quick!

And, I do need a new pair of running shoes....I think my feet have grown slightly, because the shoes I have now hurt. But WHY do they have to be so darn expensive??
I've also been thinking about a different brand of shoes besides Nike.....I've always had Nike. Most of you know the eternal love I have for the Nike brand. I'm just wondering if there's something else out there that makes my feet more comfortable. I feel like I'm betraying Nike by saying this.

Anyways.....let me know if you know of ANY good deals whatsoever!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!


  1. Hi Ann! I used to be a Nike fanatic. But then I went to runner's corner and tried on mizuno wave runners... uh mazing. The employees are trained runners and they find a shoe that fits your movement, shape, and everything. In fact, you try on a pair, and then go run around the block to see how they feel! So fun. And oh-so-worth the expensive shoes to have a pair that will go for miles and miles and miles...

    sorry for my novel.


  2. Hey Ann, there's a Nike Factory outlet store at Jordan Landing, just opened, I'm sure they have some awesome deals going, since they just opened and it'll be black Friday! Wal-Mart also usually has really good deals on big tvs on Black Friday.

  3. I saw your cry for help and thought I'd help ya out!
    I heard that WalMart has 32inch LCD HDTV for $198.
    And Target has 40inch LCDHDTV for $299.
    That is what I heard this morning on the radio.

  4. Ann lets go shopping together!!! Bradley said he will go with me too. We are probably going to be at Walmart camping out cuz they have a great deal on a GPS and we want one cuz we suck at directions. :) Text me and tell me what you think!