Friday, November 12, 2010

Wedding Book

So...I want to make a wedding book, of ALL of the pictures from mine & Brett's wedding. Something like this...

I'd rather do this than print out a 4x6 of each picture, and stick them all in an album, you know?

Does anyone have any recommendations of good websites to do this?
The only one I can think of off the top of my head is Shutterfly.
I'm not so worried about the price. I just want a great quality book, that is really, really, good looking. Not cheap looking.


  1. Blurb!!! That's where i'm doing Justin's mission scrapbook. I've seen them in person and they turn out really great looking.

  2. I have a picture book from snapfish they did a pretty good job

  3. I do wedding albums like this regularly for my studio and I LOVE blurb! Their booksmart software is super easy to use

  4. Hey Annika. I am actually doing one right now for our wedding. It is through not to expensive either. I made a guest book for our wedding and it was like less than $30 including shipping cost. Right now they are doing a buy 1 get 1. I think its by 1 get 1 of the same photo book you make.

  5. We created a wedding photo book from Snapfish that I really like - it's a mix of professional and personal photos. Here's the link: To get a real idea, click on 'preview.'