Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So....this is ANOTHER brag blog post....but Brett said this DESERVED to be blogged about! Remember that depressing post this past summer, about all of my bad luck and payments I had to make in 1 month? Here it is to remind you.....

  • tuition
  • rent
  • car payment
  • car crash...
  • 'improper lookout' ticket
  • replace Brett's lost wedding ring
  • Horrible job with horrible hours, so I never saw Brett.
Looking at that list....it doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but I remember being in the moment, it was so depressing.

Well, with all of the bad luck that comes my way, A LOT of good luck comes also, to even it out.
I LOVE listening to the radio, and try to win stuff.

In the past 1.5 years, here is the list of things I have won
  • Einstein Bagels and Vitamin water for the office, May 2009
  • Kenny Chesney tickets, June 2009
  • Stadium of Fire tickets (Carrie Underwood) July 2010
  • $100, July 2010
  • Movie tickets, (that was a horrible rated R movie, so we didn't go, but it still counts!) October 2010
  • Disney on Ice tickets, November 2010
  • $500 (but really $400 from taxes) November 2010
Most of this comes from Kbull 93, they are my favorite. Johnson & Johnson and Shotgun Jackson are so fun to listen to, and have the best personalities for the radio.

On Saturday, I was caller 13 to win tickets to Phil Vassar on Thursday, and I've been DYING to hear him sing again, since I heard him in 2007 at the Country Fest.
Winning that contest, I was entered into the 'Grand Prize drawing', and I needed to listen for my name at 11:20am on Monday.

Well, at about 8:30am on Monday, I got texts from 2 different people, saying they heard my name on Kbull....and I was VERY confused.
1-because the guy told me to listen at 11:20
2-because i did not think it was possible to win a grand prize.

So I called and called and called, FINALLY got through to Johnson & Johnson, and...............
airplane, and 2 nights in a hotel. Not sure what hotel yet. And they don't know yet when it will be.
But how cool is that?? a free trip! I do wish it was somewhere like....Florida, or Hawaii....especially since Nationals is in LasVegas in February....haha. But it'll be cool to go there and not have to worry about the cheerleaders.

I love good luck!


  1. that's awesome congrats!!

    My sister always wins this kind of stuff too. I never try because I feel like I'll never win. But you gave me hope. I'm going to start trying now!

  2. Buy a lottery ticket, NOW, while you are having such good luck!

  3. Ann I can't believe you won all those things! WOW! You ARE having good luck!

  4. what the???? i can't believe you have won all this stuff. i would start listening to kbull if I didn't have a strong distaste for country music. :)

  5. Oh my goodness you lucky girl! A free trip would seriously be awesome! You are way lucky! :)

  6. Way jealous! Vegas sounds like so much fun right now. If you can, you should go to a Cirque Du Soleil show. I think you can get a pretty good discount on tickets if you are a student.