Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Things I LOVE

I haven't blogged in a while. I just haven't had much to say I guess. So I've decided to post a bunch of pictures of things I love! 

First up, is BRETT! I love him. I love doing anything and everything with him. He is the BEST husband! 
 Next up, my Nike shoes. They look a lot like this, except mine are purple and white. Most comfortable shoes I have ever put on my feet!
This is Park City's Nike store, I couldn't find a picture of the new one in Jordan Landing. But HELLO! Finally a Nike store that is close by! I can go whenever I want! I can't walk out of here without buying something, even if it is from the clearance rack. If you can't tell, I have a serious and expensive obsession with this brand.

 I LOVE dogs....especially brown and white mini schnauzers. Is there a more perfect pet? No. I can not WAIT to own a home where pets are allowed. This will be my first purchase to go in the new home.
I love animals. The African type animals. They're so pretty.
I LOVE the Olympics, mainly the Summer olympics. I can't wait to watch gymnastics!!
I love where I live. And I get to stare at these huge, beautiful mountains every day.
But I also wouldn't mind living this lifestyle...especially during the winter time.

I love temples. And that I was able to be sealed to my lovely husband for eternity!
I love my wedding ring...a lot.
And I also love wedding dresses, especially mine. I look at the utahbrideblog EVERY day, just to look at the many styles of dresses. I wish I could remarry Brett every year so I can plan weddings. And now you're thinking....'why don't you be a wedding planner?' Because I don't want the responsibility to be in charge of the most important day of someone's life. Way too much stress that I really don't want.
Ariel is my favorite Princess of all time. Can't really say why...maybe it's her red hair that I love? She is a mermaid instead of the other regular human princesses. She doesn't let anyone tell her what to do. And Prince Eric is a hottie.
Let's be honest though...ALL Disney movies are marvelous! It is the most magical thing. I've got a good dvd collection of about 10-15 of the classics, so my kids can grow up watching what I watched...instead of the lame cartoons that are on TV these days.
Lost will always have a special place in my heart. I still can't believe that it's over.
Best episode: 'The Constant'. Me and Brett cried like babies. This episode was named from Time, "the best TV episode of 2008." It is the greatest love story ever.
My new favorite TV show is Modern Family. Me and Brett hate to betray The Office...but ModFam is just SO FUNNY!!! My favorite character is Gloria, her Columbian accent is hilarious. Brett's favorite character is Phil...I think because he acts like Phil in so many ways...

I love my Grandma's gold mirror. This isn't it...but it looks a lot like it. When my grandparents pass on....they have promised to give me this.
Cruising! I haven't exactly been on a cruise yet, but we've booked one for June. And I'm almost positive that I am going to absolutely LOVE IT!
My favorite color is blue....so that makes this blue couch amazing! I saw this picture on a random blog and fell in love!
I love mine and Brett's big Sunday breakfasts! We don't have church until 1, so we have all of the time in the world to sleep in, make breakfast, and hang out. I love it. This is our HUGE German pancake that we made. SO YUMMY!

I love going to home decoration stores. This is from ZGallerie. Me and Brett were walking around Gateway last weekend, and this was my favorite part. Now....I just need to get rich enough to actually make some purchases here!

Well, I hope you all enjoyed learning a bit more about me! I'm sure I could've thought of many more things I Love....but this post was long enough.
Have a fabulous day!!


  1. First of all, those dogs are precious! I want one! Second, I love LOST, and miss it so bad. Third, you will LOVE the cruise! Oh man, so great! Fourth, that couch is perfect and is the one I've been searching for. I saw one in brown, but that one is blue! Love it. And Fifth, can I get your recipe for German pancakes? I misplaced mine and want to make them!
    Love you, Ann!

  2. Ann I love this post! You are so cute. We also will be getting one of those dogs one day too, Bradley is obsessed with them. I second what Britt said, can I get that recipe?

  3. This was sooo cute! I love that blue couch... fancy. Um and ditto on that recipe... I love you Ann!

  4. Yay! I love this post. You are so great Ann. I love and miss you.

  5. Wow! We love many of the same things.. especially the things you need major $$$ to get.

    I have some purple/gray Nike Free shoes.. and I LOVE them!

    Also, I love gold gilded frames.

    and Mini schnauzers. I grew up with a grey one.. i miss him, and I want a new one bad!

  6. Oh Ann this post was an awesome idea. I love it. And Disney movies really are magic :-)

  7. Annika!! :) i haven't talked to you forever! Thanks! ha ha seriously thats not a bad idea...i could always use a little extra money! although so many people sell those things i don't know if i'm good enough to take on the competition!

  8. Are you kidding? A wedding every year?? The stress would put me in an early grave and the cost would put me in the poor house. Love all your pictures and ideas though. I also love our mini schnauzer, Charlie. Thanks to you Annika or we might have never gotten this dog.

  9. Annika! You really should post the recipe for German pancakes, I've never even heard of them haha