Thursday, February 17, 2011

More Luck.

Haven't updated in a let's start with the bad luck.

I got a job back in September. It was super close to home, I was the receptionist. Overall, it was great.
In December, Megan told me about a job that was opening up at the church. It sounded amazing, I finally interviewed for it at the end of January. I didn't think I would get the job. And I was okay with that, because I already liked the one I had.
5 days after that interview, towards the end of the work day, my supervisor gathered about 7 of us into the conference room. Told us all that with the changes the company was making, they didn't need us anymore. That day was our last day.

So as I was signing paperwork and cleaning up my desk, it was VERY hard holding back the tears. With teaching cheer, and the little hours Brett works because of school, we wouldn't make enough money to live. Basically we were planning on moving back in with my parents by March.
I was not excited for what was to come. Ever since I've been married, I've struggled with getting a job. Applying for jobs is the worst, and such a long process.

Now for the good news.
8 days after I lost my job, the lady that interviewed me from the church called. I got the job!!!! I couldn't believe it! I hadn't heard from her in 2 weeks! So I am just ending my 2nd week working here, and it is the best! I want to work here for the rest of my life! I work in Human Resources in the Family Search Department, in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

And...I'm going to Vegas this weekend! Not for the trip I won from Kbull, that will be in April. This is for cheer Nationals. It will be lots of fun!

This is what Brett got me for Valentines day, yummy Edible Arrangements!!


  1. Congrats Ann on the job! Sounds like it couldn't have come at a better time! That would be super sweet to work for the church. What an amazing environment to be in every day!

  2. I'm so happy you are loving this job! It truly is incredible how things worked out so perfectly. Congrats!

  3. Yum! I love chocolate covered strawberries!