Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Me and Brett took a tour of Harmons on Saturday. It was pretty neat! Well worth the hour (although they could definitely make it shorter) They took us to each department and told us a little bit about it. At the end of the tour, they give each person $25 worth of food! And since me and Brett were both there, we got 2 bags! So basically $50 worth of food! This is what we got:

Bratwurst, baguette slices, watermelon, cheeseball, salsa, jam, quinoa, cheese, some chex mix stuff, and healthy chips! ALL TIMES 2!!
One of the things I have the hardest time spending money on is groceries. It's just SO darn expensive, so this is wonderful. I need to do this at each of the Harmons stores in the valley....

Me and Brett are doing an experiment. Seeing if it's cheaper to buy groceries, or to eat out at cheap places like subway, del taco, etc. We spent $80 last night grocery shopping. I hate it.

While we were on our tour, we saw cute Disney cupcakes, and I was shocked when I saw that they were only $5. Later in the day, I came home from my cheer banquet, and Brett surprised me with this:

He does so much to make me happy, I love him.
And I ate ALL of it, by myself. Definitely REDS on the MG chart.

I bought this desk about 8 months ago, from a guy I used to work with, not knowing it was going to be so HUGE! It barely fits in this room. We need to sell it, and get something much smaller. We're selling it for $250, and it comes with a chair!! Anyone want it?
5 1/2 feet tall. 2 feet wide. 7 feet long on each side.
6 pieces total.
Yeah, it's ginormous.
And the chair is VERY comfortable.


  1. Aww that was sweet of Brett to bring you a surprise! Seriously though I have never heard of the touring Harmons things. I want to try it out. Also let me know how your experiment goes. :)

  2. 1. Shop at Smith's. It's cheaper and I heard Harmon's has been raising their prices.

    2. Talk to me about using coupons. Even for eating out. You really should never pay full price for anything but absolute necessities.

    3. Is that desk solid wood? Or the printed paper stuff?

  3. My favorite part is that you said it was $25 worth of food and there is like hardly anything there. When Mike and I first got married, we ate a whole lot of ramen and sandwiches and cereal. Soooo much cheaper to eat unheathly. And even though its not the best option, when you don't have the money, you don't have the money. A friend of mine told me to think of it like this....(since you will soon be in the world of student loans) pay interest on student 8% COMPOUNDING!, you should add 8% to everything that you buy(even though in the end it will be more because it compounds), if it is still worth the price, then its okay to buy, if not, you shouldn't buy it. Because by the time you come around to actually paying off that really cute shirt, or that delicious expensive food, it'll probably cost you twice as much as you paid for it. And that my dear sister, is not worth it. And if you don't understand compounding interest, ask dad, or we can talk in May since I'm comin' home!!! And I totally agree with Ashley, Smith's is wayyyy cheaper. Mom likes Harmons because of the quality, but Smith's is totally worth the cheaper prices. I know super long, this is what happens when I don't get to see family much!

  4. The Little Mermaid will always remind me of your home videos with a towel wrapped around your waist and two bows taped on your tiny little chest! Ha ha

  5. I love harmons cupcakes! A mom from my work brought cupcakes from harmons for my birthday! SO YUMMY!

    Also wish I had room for that awesome desk set! If we had a house maybe!

  6. You should shop at Smith's its cheaper than Harmons!