Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Yard Sale & Shania Twain

My family is having a Yard Sale this Saturday!!! I am so excited to get rid of some stuff.
  • Lot of shirts! (around 30)
  • 6-7 foot Christmas Tree (doesn't have a box to be put in, which is why I'm getting rid of it.)
  • Random wedding gifts that we didn't ask for or want (that sounds so snobby....but come on, who would want an old, rusty, napkin holder in shapes of fruit?)
My sisters are also getting rid of clothes, and little girl clothes, house decorations, and other things that you might expect to see at a garage sale.
Whatever I don't sell, I will be taking to the DI.

Also, you should watch this. Cuz Shania is the most amazing Female Country Singer of all time. And always will be.

I remember getting this album for Christmas one year.
   It was the first cd I ever had.

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