Thursday, June 30, 2011

Moving On

The past few months, I have really not enjoyed going to Cheer. I love the girls. They are so sweet and most of them make me so happy. But still, I have work from 7:30 - 5, and when I get home, I have to immediately leave again for 3 more hours. By the time I get home after cheer, my day is over, and I had absolutely ZERO time to do anything I wanted to do. I couldn't even workout. I hated looking at the gym schedule, seeing certain Yoga classes being offered, and being sad that I couldn't go - because I had cheer.

This schedule was great while Brett was on his mission, but now that he's home, and we already don't see eachother much because of work, I don't want a 2nd job keeping me away from him even more.So, today is my last day of cheer. I am really excited. Now, I get to do Yoga on a regular basis (Leanna swears it will keep me looking young ;))

Good by you talented cheerleaders! I will miss you.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Here are a few pictures from our vacation. I didn't upload much, I feel like it's the biggest pain to try to do that on here. Enjoy!

Give me a churro (or 2) and I'll be happy!

Formal night, the stair cases were beautiful!

Everyone gathered around the big screen to watch the NBA finals games.
It was a lot of fun, people cheering and booing constantly!

This is where we snorkeled, we also swam over to that big rock in the background
and did some cliff jumping. It's obviously not too high of a jump, but
enough to give me a thrill! Oh, and there were nasty crabs all over
that rock, so we really had to watch where we were stepping!

Most relaxing nights ever.


 Yummy chocolate covered twinkies in Belmont Shore.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


June has flown by! (Flew? Flown?) We left for our vacation on June 3, and got back on the 19th! It was a blast. I desperately needed some Me and Brett time, and relaxation time.
I will post a bunch of pictures here and on FB, hopefully tonight. I just hate going home and sitting on the laptop, after I've sat at the computer all day at work, It takes so much time!
I got a pretty good tan! (at least I think so). There a were a couple times some Mexican's said to me, 'you need to get in the sun more, you're so white.' Umm, maybe they said that cuz of my blonde hair? I seriously haven't been this tan since I was like, 12.
Other highlights of the vacation:
  • It was so fun listening to Brett use his Spanish about 75% of the time in Mexico.
  • Souvenirs. I love them.
  • It was my first time leaving the country!
  • The food on the ship was incredible. But not so incredible for what it did to mine and Brett's bodies. But it's so nice eating what you want/when you want, knowing that it is ALL paid for. Money is such a downer sometimes.
  • First time snorkeling! We did this for 2 days in Cabo, SO FUN! There were lots of tropical fish. I wish so bad that I would've had a water camera. I have ZERO pictures of this.
  • Disneyland! It was super crowded, but it's always worth it. We didn't use our 2nd day though. We'll go back sometime this fall/winter when everyone is in school, and NOT on vacation to the Happiest Place on Earth.
  • World of Color was mind boggling! Most incredible thing I've ever seen. Brett isn't a huge fan of Disneyland, he only goes cuz I love it more than life. But even HE thought World of Color was amazing!
  • The new Little Mermaid ride was so adorable. Definitely worth the 90 minute wait.
  • The new Star Tours ride was NOT worth the 3 hour wait. We were pissed we waited in line for this. I'm never going on that ride again because I'm so mad at it.
  • We did sessions at the LA Temple, and Newport Beach temple. Both are so beautiful inside!
  • We got to visit with Brett's 3 sets of Grandparents!
  • Went to Brett's cousins wedding, and Brett looked mighty fine in his tux. (that cost $148, no biggie)
  • I threw up on the way home, on the side of the freeway. There's a first time for everything! We think it was from food poisoning.
There's a lot more I'm sure I'm missing. But it was my favorite vacation ever. Steph told me I would be hooked on cruises after this, and I think she's right. I will be.

Speaking of Steph, I get to see these beauties this weekend:
Not all of them, cuz it is SUPER hard to get everyone's schedule to cooperate, but a lot of them will be there, and I can't wait!
We're starting a book club! (Adrianne's idea) If you know me, I am not a reader. But if I need to read a book once a month in order to see my favorite friends, I'll do it.

Saturday, I'm going to Taylorsville days with the Thurgoods! Last year was a blast, so it will now be a tradition!

Harry Potter comes out so soon! I can't believe after this, it will all be over. As Bonnie described it, it's like my childhood is ending. After this, I will have nothing to look forward to for the rest of my life. I finished reading the 7th book to Brett on our long car rides this past week. The books will never get old. I've watched the movie trailer, about 1,890,123 times. I'm obsessed.