Thursday, June 30, 2011

Moving On

The past few months, I have really not enjoyed going to Cheer. I love the girls. They are so sweet and most of them make me so happy. But still, I have work from 7:30 - 5, and when I get home, I have to immediately leave again for 3 more hours. By the time I get home after cheer, my day is over, and I had absolutely ZERO time to do anything I wanted to do. I couldn't even workout. I hated looking at the gym schedule, seeing certain Yoga classes being offered, and being sad that I couldn't go - because I had cheer.

This schedule was great while Brett was on his mission, but now that he's home, and we already don't see eachother much because of work, I don't want a 2nd job keeping me away from him even more.So, today is my last day of cheer. I am really excited. Now, I get to do Yoga on a regular basis (Leanna swears it will keep me looking young ;))

Good by you talented cheerleaders! I will miss you.


  1. its hard to move on sometimes, but the change is good! im so happy you'll have more time now, and be able to attend yoga. best. workout. ever.

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