Wednesday, July 20, 2011

baby lydia

i am so excited to throw my bff a baby shower!
do you notice all of those blog links on your left?? yeah, i really do look at those every day, and a lot of them have pictures of awesome parties they have done. and i always get really jealous. i never have any reason to throw a party, and finally, now i do!!! I'm not saying that this will be decorated as awesome, or that I'll have food that looks half as good... I'm just really excited to do this.
This is part of the invitation I made, I'm quite proud of it. those dots took forever.
These are the colors of Lydia's nursery!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Harry Potter

I figured since I'm reading what some of my friends liked, and disliked about the movie, I would join in on the action as well!

I'll start by saying, I love Harry Potter. I remember being in 5th or 6th grade, and the Sorcerer's Stone was at the book fair. I, of course, didn't care. There was no way I was going to waste my time and money reading a book. I'd rather be outside playing. Then, in 6th grade, I remember seeing a picture from the newspaper taped on my teachers door, it was of Dan, Emma, and Rupert, saying they were cast to be in the Harry Potter movie. It's a huge movie that I've loved since day 1. Growing up, I remember going to the Harry Potter movies, and Lord of the Rings movies. Then I remember going to the Harry Potter movies, and Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Then, those other cool movies sort of ended, but the Harry Potter movies continued.
I am very sad it's over. But I'm so happy that I have these movies to watch for the rest of my life.

Here is how I feel about the movie: (spoilers)
  • The beginning moved way fast! Before I knew it, they were at Hogwarts!
  • I wish they would've explained the 'alarm' that went off when they got there.
  • It's okay with me that they didn't explain the story of Ariana, because that would've taken a really long time, and it would've been a very random thing for people who only watch the movies.
  • The first time I cried was when Harry came out of the tunnel, and surprised all the students.
  • I loved how Harry came out of the crowd, and was bashing on Snape. It was intense!
  • I love that Snape didn't fight Prof. McGonagall back.
  • I like how they added in that Neville loves Luna. haha!
  • My favorite part in the entire movie, was probably when Snape died. Bawl my eyes out. It's exactly how I imagined it in the book. I love when Snape told Harry: 'You have your mother's eyes'
  • I wish they would've shown when Fred got killed. It could've been way more emotional. But Brett liked it how it was.
  • I liked Snape's memories, but I wished they would've shown more. Like Britt said, I wish they would've really told the Best Friend story of Lily and Snape.
  • When Harry told Ron and Hermione that he's going into the Forest, Hermione gets the greatest friend in the whole world award when she says, "I'll go with you". Cried again at that part.
  • Again, I cried when Lily, James, Sirius and Lupin all came back to be with Harry. This scene was perfect.
  • Me and Brett are mainly just bugged with the Voldypants/Harry fight scene. I really wish it would've been like it was in the book:
    "The cheering crowd retreated to the walls of the hall and watched then as the two great nemeses, Lord Voldemort and Harry Potter, bantered and circled each other. Harry revealed to Voldemort that Snape had always been a spy for Dumbledore, ever since Voldemort threatened Lily Potter's life. Harry also revealed that Snape was never the true master of the Elder Wand. It had been Draco Malfoy that was the rightful master, and that Harry had defeated Malfoy weeks ago, thereby gaining the allegiance of the Elder Wand. Harry suggested that Voldemort try to feel remorse, mentioning that he would become less than human if he did not, at which Voldemort was shocked. Moments later, Voldemort cast a killing curse with the Elder Wand at Harry, who simultaneously cast his own disarming charm using Draco Malfoy's wand. However, because the Elder Wand rightfully belonged to Harry, the Killing Curse rebounded at Voldemort and ended his life once and for all."
  • I think they did an amazing job on the epilogue. EXACTLY how I pictured it. Perfect in every way.
I'm sure I'm forgetting a few things, oh well.
Overall, I LOVED it. I can't wait to go see it again!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My nieces are cuter than yours

Becaa Jo LOVED riding the horse!
Emma Jean, did NOT like riding the horse. But I see a future Kate Middleton here....
Savannah Dawn is always willing to pose.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

East Canyon

This past weekend, we went up to East Canyon with some of our best friends, Blaine and Kami. We stayed in their family's motorhome, so we didn't get wet from all the rain!

Blaine and Brett ran in the 10k race, Kami did
the half marathon...
...while I stayed with the Wyatt, and went for
a 10 minute run with him. I wish I was in shape
enough to run for 2 hours straight!

After the race!!! Blaine got 1st place! (in his
age group) Brett would have done just as well
as Blaine, but his calf cramped up on mile 2, then
he had to take a potty break on mile 5. Poor guy.
Kami finished her half marathon in 1 hour and 59 minutes!
She didn't feel so good after, tried to eat, but just
didn't feel well enough to force food down. She
eventually threw up, and felt much better after!

We layed by the pool on Saturday and Sunday. Got a little bit of a tan!

The Prowse's.
The Sommerville's


This doesn't really tell you how much these 2 boys
love each other. It makes me so happy.

 I love Blaine and Kami. They are some of the best people on the earth!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Princess Catherine in California

I missed this one in the Canada
post. Pretty lady in red!

July 8: Arriving in California

July 9, Outfit 1: This is the perfect dress to
wear to church. I love it.

July 9, Outfit 2: Seriously??! She makes modesty
look SO GOOD. This is the most beautiful.
dress. ever.

July 9, Outfit 3: I'm loving this green, and the
longer sleeves.

July 10: I love how simple this is. Beautiful
white skirt.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Princess Catherine in Canada

I think I've already made it known that I'm highly in love with almost everything Kate wears. So...I've been staying updated on her North America tour, and look at what she's been wearing everyday. Here are all of the outfits she wore in Canada. (Hopefully I didn't miss any of them)

June 30, Outfit 1: I'm not too crazy
about this, but it's Navy Blue,
so of course it's amazing.

July 30, Outfit 2: I can't describe how
much I love this dress. It's navy blue,
AND lacey! This is by far my favorite.

July 1, Outfit 1: This is the dress she wore in
the engagement photo. Isn't this just
perfection? To the Canadian leaf in
her hat. Her broach, (which was Princess
Elizabeth's). Her clutch. I love it all.

July 1, Outfit 2: I've never been a
huge fan of poka dots, but as
always, she looks super classy.


July 1, Outfit 3: I love the purple. This past year, I've worn
more purple than I have my whole life.
I love that she put the same broach on this dress.

July 2, Outfit 1: I love the collar. I wish I had
this dress. It would've been perfect
for my interviews that I just had.

July 3, Outfit 1: Another Blue dress.... this is
killing me.

July 3, Outfit 2

July 4, Outfit 1: Ummmm, not so much my style..

July 4: Not really an outfit, but this picture is
pure adorable.

July 4

July 4: I love her red scarf!

July 5, Outfit 1

July 5, Outfit 2: Brett is loving her skinny jeans!

I think this is July 5, I have no idea really. But it's such a fun picture!

July 6, Outfit 1: Again with the skinny
jeans! She is so awesome. I want her
ruffly blouse.

July 7, Outfit 1: I'm loving this lots. It
reminds me of Kellie and Kevin Kimber.

July 7, Outfit 2: I love how feminine and
lovely this dress is.