Monday, July 11, 2011

Princess Catherine in California

I missed this one in the Canada
post. Pretty lady in red!

July 8: Arriving in California

July 9, Outfit 1: This is the perfect dress to
wear to church. I love it.

July 9, Outfit 2: Seriously??! She makes modesty
look SO GOOD. This is the most beautiful.
dress. ever.

July 9, Outfit 3: I'm loving this green, and the
longer sleeves.

July 10: I love how simple this is. Beautiful
white skirt.


  1. Wow I never noticed how modest she dresses. I wish I could afford some of these cloths because they would be awesome for church and school!

  2. Oh my goodenss! That gown is stunning!

  3. i love that you posted all of these pictures. words cannot express my obsession with her and her fashion sense.