Friday, July 1, 2011

Princess Catherine in Canada

I think I've already made it known that I'm highly in love with almost everything Kate wears. So...I've been staying updated on her North America tour, and look at what she's been wearing everyday. Here are all of the outfits she wore in Canada. (Hopefully I didn't miss any of them)

June 30, Outfit 1: I'm not too crazy
about this, but it's Navy Blue,
so of course it's amazing.

July 30, Outfit 2: I can't describe how
much I love this dress. It's navy blue,
AND lacey! This is by far my favorite.

July 1, Outfit 1: This is the dress she wore in
the engagement photo. Isn't this just
perfection? To the Canadian leaf in
her hat. Her broach, (which was Princess
Elizabeth's). Her clutch. I love it all.

July 1, Outfit 2: I've never been a
huge fan of poka dots, but as
always, she looks super classy.


July 1, Outfit 3: I love the purple. This past year, I've worn
more purple than I have my whole life.
I love that she put the same broach on this dress.

July 2, Outfit 1: I love the collar. I wish I had
this dress. It would've been perfect
for my interviews that I just had.

July 3, Outfit 1: Another Blue dress.... this is
killing me.

July 3, Outfit 2

July 4, Outfit 1: Ummmm, not so much my style..

July 4: Not really an outfit, but this picture is
pure adorable.

July 4

July 4: I love her red scarf!

July 5, Outfit 1

July 5, Outfit 2: Brett is loving her skinny jeans!

I think this is July 5, I have no idea really. But it's such a fun picture!

July 6, Outfit 1: Again with the skinny
jeans! She is so awesome. I want her
ruffly blouse.

July 7, Outfit 1: I'm loving this lots. It
reminds me of Kellie and Kevin Kimber.

July 7, Outfit 2: I love how feminine and
lovely this dress is.


  1. These were so fun. I don't follow her much but I loved so many of her dresses! haha and I also thought of Kellie with the cowboy hat one

  2. Hey Annika! I LOVE Kate Middleton too. LIke LOVE her. I love her style too. She's so cute!