Monday, August 29, 2011

Sad day

I've had 2 things happen today, that got me really excited about finding my wedding ring. Both did NOT have a happy ending.

1 - I was in the staff kitchen today getting everyone some ice water, and saw this:

Seriously, from 3 feet away, it looked like my ring. So I lunged forward, as if I couldn't get to it fast enough, only to be disappointed. It was some stupid metal thing. who knows what it is.

2 - The UTA trax Lost and Found called me to tell me they found a ring. I was SOOO excited....but then they said it has 9 diamonds, and it's not a band.... grrrr. I'm glad they called, but at the same time, I'm very upset. Hopefully whoever else lost their wedding ring, will think to call the trax people.

I'm still on a desperate search for my ring.
I want it back.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

Remember my 'luck'?

Well....of course, with the awesome luck I had getting this amazing job, there had to come very bad luck.

On Wednesday, August 17,
23 months and 2 days after me and Brett were married,
I lost my wedding ring.

I was at work.
Took my ring off at 4:30pm to put on lotion.
Can't remember if I put it back on.
Left work at 5pm.
Walked over to the Joseph Smith Building bathroom to change my clothes.
Ran over to the trax.
Missed the train.
Some guy was asking me about being Swedish, (because of my blonde hair, and Swedish colored clothing), and I was thinking, 'If he is flirting, he has a clear view of my left finger and the ring that's on it!'
But I'm not positive if the ring was actually on my finger.
Got on the train.
Played a game on my phone.
Got off the train at 2100 South.
Walked over to Best Buy where Blaine, Kami, and Brett picked me up.
Drove to the Red Ginger Restaurant on 3333 South, State Street.
Sat down at the table, where I realized my ring was not on my finger.
Called the church security.
They walked over to my desk, and said the ring was nowhere to be found.
I started to cry.
and cry.
and cry some more.
We went to the Crazy, Stupid, Love movie.
Finished the movie, and checked everywhere in the car.
I totally ruined our date night with Blaine and Kami with my hundreds of tears.
I had no idea it was possible to laugh and cry so much in one movie.
After the movie, me and Brett drove back to the restaurant, checked with them to see if they had found anything, and checked the parking spot we parked in after the people smoking pot left.
My wonderful supervisor, Kristen, was at the office late that night, looking for my ring.
I woke up Thursday, with my eyes so swollen I could barely see out of them. I called the Joseph Smith Building Lost and Found, UTA trax Lost and found, crawled around on the floor by my desk all day. Cried some more. Re-traced my steps twice from my office to the bathroom, to the trax, went to Best Buy.
And still, nothing.
The Young Women President, Sister Dalton, is so kind, and told me that we will find my ring. Hopefully if I have amazing people like her praying for my ring, it will be found. Maybe I can ask Sister Dibb to ask her father to pray for me.....I'm almost positive it would be found if he prayed...

So now I'm asking, everyone who is reading this, please pray for me to find my ring. I know it's just a ring, and can be replaced, but it wouldn't be the same. That is the ring I've had since Brett got home from his mission. Since we've been married. I've had visions of me in the FAR future, giving one diamond in that ring to each of my children, or my children's spouses.
I want it back.
My finger is so bare, and has an ugly tan line without it.
But I don't ever want that tan line to go away.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beautiful House

Among the many blogs I read, there is one blog called House of Turquoise. The girl loves this color. And every day, she posts pictures of houses that have the color turquoise in the decorations. I don't always love every room in every house, but today, I'm obsessed! I would definitely be a happy camper if I owned this house. It doesn't need to be on a beach in Florida tho. I would not want to live in Florida. But just look:

I love everything about this kitchen....except the 2 lights above the island.
They look like they belong in a dungeon.

Those lamp shades are awesome.

Not a huge fan of the picure on the wall, way weird.
But I LOVE the chair, the pillow, the blanket, and
the side table.

After my bathroom in Wyoming, it is my DREAM to
own a large, spacious bathroom. Those shelves
are amazing.

What could be better than a blue deck? I would spend
all day outside.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Diamond Fork Camping

Summer is almost over. We've been trying to fit in lots of fun filled weekends before school starts! And of course, that would need to involve best friends!
We camped Friday night, then hiked and fished all day Saturday! We went to a secret place to fish....that only Prowse family members know how to get to.
I caught 2 fish
Kami caught 3
Brett caught 3
Blaine caught around....10.

At first, I felt pretty left out that I wasn't
wearing jeans....but by the end of
the day, I was the awesome one,
cuz my pants dried so fast!
Fishing in a river for my first time!

I felt better once the hook was out!

I really did not like this part.....poor fish.

At the top of the mountain!

 Me and Brett carved our initials into this tree, right next to B+K!

 I tried to eat the fish, but I just still don't like it. Maybe in 10 years....

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dog Lake

We've been highly obsessed with the Prowse's. We love them. We weren't able to hang out with them a couple weekends we made time on a Sunday to go hiking! We went to Dog Lake. They brought their 2 dogs, who are so well trained!
Blaine, Kami, and Brett are in SOOOO much better shape than me. So I was struggling behind a little bit. haha. Quite embarrassing. I was sweating like a dog (dog - dog lake: get it? ha!) One day....hopefully, I'll be able to keep up, maybe even beat them!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Job :)

I feel like there's so much to blog about, but at the same time, nothing to blog about. I really should be writing in my journal instead of blogging.

Last week, I started my new job!! I work in the Young Women General Office. It's amazing. Seriously, it's weird to even call it a job. All I deal with all day long is YW stuff. It makes me wish I was a teenager again!
I get to work with the most amazing women on this earth. Literally. We work really closely with the Primary and Relief Society as well. I feel so lucky and so blessed. I remember just a year ago, I was working the most AWFUL job on the planet. Crying to Megan, telling her I wished I worked at the Church. And now, all of those terrible jobs are behind me (hopefully).

Remember these? old school.
This past weekend was a GIRLS weekend! We went to St. George and stayed with Leanna. It was a blast. Stayed up very late, both nights talking about anything. I love them.

Remember Michelle Money, from the Bachelor last season? She works out at Lifetime Fitness now. Brett was stalking her yesterday, haha. She was his favorite the ENTIRE season. One of these days, Brett will get the courage to go talk to her.
I'm so happy that Ashley chose JP. I picked him out from the group of guys on day 1.

Has anyone else been watching Expedition Impossible? I'm obsessed.

Can't wait for the Help movie to come out!