Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beautiful House

Among the many blogs I read, there is one blog called House of Turquoise. The girl loves this color. And every day, she posts pictures of houses that have the color turquoise in the decorations. I don't always love every room in every house, but today, I'm obsessed! I would definitely be a happy camper if I owned this house. It doesn't need to be on a beach in Florida tho. I would not want to live in Florida. But just look:

I love everything about this kitchen....except the 2 lights above the island.
They look like they belong in a dungeon.

Those lamp shades are awesome.

Not a huge fan of the picure on the wall, way weird.
But I LOVE the chair, the pillow, the blanket, and
the side table.

After my bathroom in Wyoming, it is my DREAM to
own a large, spacious bathroom. Those shelves
are amazing.

What could be better than a blue deck? I would spend
all day outside.

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