Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Diamond Fork Camping

Summer is almost over. We've been trying to fit in lots of fun filled weekends before school starts! And of course, that would need to involve best friends!
We camped Friday night, then hiked and fished all day Saturday! We went to a secret place to fish....that only Prowse family members know how to get to.
I caught 2 fish
Kami caught 3
Brett caught 3
Blaine caught around....10.

At first, I felt pretty left out that I wasn't
wearing jeans....but by the end of
the day, I was the awesome one,
cuz my pants dried so fast!
Fishing in a river for my first time!

I felt better once the hook was out!

I really did not like this part.....poor fish.

At the top of the mountain!

 Me and Brett carved our initials into this tree, right next to B+K!

 I tried to eat the fish, but I just still don't like it. Maybe in 10 years....

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