Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dog Lake

We've been highly obsessed with the Prowse's. We love them. We weren't able to hang out with them a couple weekends we made time on a Sunday to go hiking! We went to Dog Lake. They brought their 2 dogs, who are so well trained!
Blaine, Kami, and Brett are in SOOOO much better shape than me. So I was struggling behind a little bit. haha. Quite embarrassing. I was sweating like a dog (dog - dog lake: get it? ha!) One day....hopefully, I'll be able to keep up, maybe even beat them!!


  1. Oh how fun! Hiking is the best, even if you're the one struggling behind :) At least you got out, right? Great pics!

  2. Ok, I'm glad you said it first....cuz we are obessed with you too!:) GREAT camping trip by the way...I loved when Brett fell out of the pop up! So hilarious!