Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Job :)

I feel like there's so much to blog about, but at the same time, nothing to blog about. I really should be writing in my journal instead of blogging.

Last week, I started my new job!! I work in the Young Women General Office. It's amazing. Seriously, it's weird to even call it a job. All I deal with all day long is YW stuff. It makes me wish I was a teenager again!
I get to work with the most amazing women on this earth. Literally. We work really closely with the Primary and Relief Society as well. I feel so lucky and so blessed. I remember just a year ago, I was working the most AWFUL job on the planet. Crying to Megan, telling her I wished I worked at the Church. And now, all of those terrible jobs are behind me (hopefully).

Remember these? old school.
This past weekend was a GIRLS weekend! We went to St. George and stayed with Leanna. It was a blast. Stayed up very late, both nights talking about anything. I love them.

Remember Michelle Money, from the Bachelor last season? She works out at Lifetime Fitness now. Brett was stalking her yesterday, haha. She was his favorite the ENTIRE season. One of these days, Brett will get the courage to go talk to her.
I'm so happy that Ashley chose JP. I picked him out from the group of guys on day 1.

Has anyone else been watching Expedition Impossible? I'm obsessed.

Can't wait for the Help movie to come out!

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  1. That's so awesome! How do you land a job like that?!