Monday, September 12, 2011


Not sure why I'm blogging about this...I guess it's just something to blog about!!!
These are mine and Brett's favorite celebrities that we have some serious crushes on.

 Let's start with Brett:
Jenna Fischer
She's funny, and beautiful. Why wouldn't he love her?! Plus,
Brett's favorite show is the Office.
T Swift
After Brett's mission, I showed him a video of
T Swift singing "Run" by George Strait. That's
the moment he fell in love. And he loves her
awkward dance moves.

Julie Bowen
Modern Family is Brett's 2nd favorite show. So of course he
has a favorite female!

Emma Stone
Who hasn't fallen in love with her?! Seriously, she's so pretty,
awesome, and hilarious. I could never get sick of watching her.
And neither could Brett.

My turn!!

Channing Tatum
Hello handsome. I've loved him ever since I laid my
eyes on him. Look at that jaw line!

Ryan Gosling.
I know I'm not alone on this one! He's the perfect
romantic guy to put in a movie!

Christian Bale
He was my favorite boy in the Newsies. And ever since, I've loved
every movie he is in.

Liam Hemsworth
My newest obsession.
Yes, he is 3 years younger than me.


  1. If I were to pick 4 favorite guy actors I seriously would have the same first 3 as you! I really like Liam too but haven't seen enough of him yet to come to a final verdict.

  2. i just drooled on my keyboard over that picture of ryan gosling.

  3. Ryan Gosling definitely is good looking but do you remember Steve Carell in Crazy Stupid Love? The part where is he wearing the white New Balance sneakers with his slacks? that is what I call SEXY!!!

  4. Brett is so much better looking than all of them