Wednesday, September 14, 2011


So...our very old ipod is showing this:

When I plug it into the computer, it doesn's show up. itunes doesn't recognize it, so then I can't restore it. Plus, I don't want to restore it, cuz then it'll erase all of our awesome songs!!! AHHH!!!
I wish I wouldn't known this was going to happen, so I could've had the chance to take all the songs off the ipod and put them on my computer.
dang it.
I have googled everything, and tried everything that I know how to do. I can't fix it!

Has this happened to anyone?!


  1. This happened to me. Apple sent me a new ipod, and I just put my library back onto my ipod. You have to do it carefully though, or your ipod will eat all your songs and leave you with an empty library... pain in the butt. I'm sorry though!

  2. what kind of ipod do you have? i have an old ipod video (seriously. i got it my senior year of high school) and when i get it, i just hold down the center button and the menu button at the same time until the screen blacks out and then the apple sign comes up. but i guess if you don't have the circular dial thing, that probably won't help too much...