Thursday, September 8, 2011

Young Women Retreat

A couple weekends ago, our entire department got together for a retreat in a small place called Wallsburg. (A few minutes away from Deer Creek.) It was such a beautiful day, filled with fun! Brett finally got to meet the people I work with, and talk about every day.
Here are some pictures from the event:
(I have Amanda to thank for most of these, I didn't take my camera.)

This Place was AMAZING! Seriously, it could be called paradise. I
couldn't help but think how long it would take to mow the grass.

this is to the right of the barn.

The other side of the barn.
Obviously I really like the barn.

Eating our lunch: Hot Dogs, salad, chips,
and home made Root Beer (my favorite).

Me and Brett going down the HUGE water slide.

You can barely tell that is me on the zipline. This was my favorite thing!
Once you get to the middle of the pond, you let go and splash in the water!
We might as well call it a lake, cuz I have never seen a pond this big.

Sister Dalton with the board members who
organized the whole event.

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  1. That place looks amazing!! The zip line looks super fun too!