Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall is here!

The weather has felt wonderful for the past 2 weeks! Salt Lake is finally having a real fall! I still prefer the 90 degree summer weather, but it's nice to cool off a bit.

Two weeks ago, we had another young women retreat at the most amazing cabin I have ever seen. Most of the day was spent in the kitchen, cleaning dishes and eating leftovers until I felt sick. But the delicious food was worth it! I wish I didn't love food so much.... In the picture above, is the most amazing staff: Amanda, Melissa, Kristen, and Elizabeth.

Speaking of the most amazing staff, Kristen was so kind to buy me cookies for my birthday! The ghosts were the most tasty.
I wish I didn't love cookies so much.....

They also decorated my desk with some pictures from my blog! Steph, look close!


  1. 1. I LOVE the apron you are wearing in the first picture, sooo cute! Did you make it?
    2. They choose a good pict of us, I love that group picture and that game. We had the best time.
    3. Love you friend and you are beautiful!

  2. Oh they are so good to you! How cute! oh and I love all of your cute aprons you ladies are wearing!