Monday, October 10, 2011

It's all fun & games until someone gets hurt....

Me and Brett had a VERY fun weekend!! We seriously have the best friends in the world, and we're so lucky that they love to be with us as much as we love to be with them!

Friday, we spent some quality time with the Prowse family! 3 weeks is way too long to go without seeing them. We went to the yummy Red Iguana for dinner, and watched a few Office episodes until me and Kami fell asleep!

I went to my FIRST BYU Football game on Saturday. It was quite the experience!! Really, anytime I go down to Provo, it is an interesting experience!

The Godfrey's had extra tickets and invited me and Brett. Luckily, we arrived in Provo a few hours early, so we didn't have to deal with too much traffic. We started off by having dinner at Wingers, one of Brett's favorite restaurants!

 Obviously I don't know the BYU fight song, and I have never heard it before in my life. I could not help but laugh when everyone started singing: "Ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra" It sounded like a bunch of dogs barking. haha! I loved it though.
It was freezing!!!
These Cougar tails were huge! and very yummy!
and.... our husbands are the cutest.
We had an amazing time with our awesome friends!

On Sunday, we finally got to meet Lydia Thurgood. She is the cutest baby of all time! At first, it made me a little baby hungry....but then Megan changed Lydia's diaper 3 times in 15 minutes, and I was back to my normal self. I'm good with just being an aunt for now!
Megan was kind enough to let me feed little Lydia her bottle. It definitely takes practice! Well....I messed up. I was trying to feed her when she wasn't swallowing it....and I almost killed her. She gagged, and couldn't breath for a few seconds. I was on the verge of tears. I felt so horrible (and still do). I will never ever feed another baby unless it's my own. I'm lucky to still have the Thurgood's as my friends after that traumatic experience! ;)

Next fun thing on the list:
Lake Powell!


  1. girl, i didn't know you guys were going to the game!! i was sitting like directly below where you guys were!

  2. Yes, our husbands are the cutest! We had a blast with you guys. Definatly top of the list of things with you guys. We love that you guys are our friends.

  3. I used to be one of the MG's- I happened upon your blog via Bonnie's! Glad to see you married yours!

  4. I cant believe I fell asleep! Im too old to stay up past....ten apparantley! haha! I cant wait for Lake Powell...Blaine and I are mostly excited that we get to snuggle with you and Brett in the tent (going to be the best part of the trip for sure);) See you TOMORROW!