Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mission Reunion & General Conference

Brett's mission reunions are always fun. (usually because there's delicious food) The reunion was down at BYU, traffic down to Provo was horrible. It took us an hour to get there. Plus, there was a football game going on, so I don't think that helped the road situation.
I always meet someone new at these reunions, and they always tell me that Brett was the greatest missionary in the mission. I'm starting to believe them.... ;)

This is President & Sister Sexton, one of the greatest couples on earth! Seriously, President Sexton is brilliant. Whenever Brett has a gospel-related question, he'll ask President, and President will always know the answer.

Conference was amazing! I have been gaining a new appreciation for the leaders in the church, which makes their words so much more inspiring!
My absolute favorite talk, was from Priesthood session, from my favorite apostle, Elder Holland. Every sentance he speaks, gives me chills. I wish I could've been at the Conference Center when he gave this talk.

 And just for fun, me and the nieces played dress up a couple weeks ago. It began with the scarves.


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  3. Oh my goodness! Brett (my husband) told of how good Elder Holland's talk was but i hadn't heard it until i watched it on your blog. Thank you for sharing. That is by far my favorite talk. I literally felt the spirit come into the room as he started speaking. Amazing!