Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I need to blog about:
  • Lake Powell
  • Christmas crafts
  • Birthday
  • and other random things
Me and Brett have started a NO SWEETS diet. Last Monday and Tuesday, I had enough doughnuts to last me a lifetime. And in between those doughnuts, were other yummy snacks. WHY DO I LOVE SUGAR SO MUCH?!!!

When we try to not eat sweets, it doesn't work out so well....
-Like when Stephanie and Brad made us yummy cookies and dropped them off at our house.
-Or Blaine and Kami making the yummiest brownies ever that taste like the Chocolate Melting Cake on the cruise!
-Or Brett's family making yummy scone things. I don't even know exactly what they were....but it was sugar, so of course I had to taste it. right?
All 3 of those were last week. (the same week as the doughnuts)

Anways....you people are killing me with your yummy desserts. And it's only going to get worse with the holidays arriving. So PLEASE do not offer me and Brett dessert. Please don't tempt us. Please don't ask us to go out to a fatty restaurant.

We are going to have 'free days.' Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year's Eve.
Our reward if we succeed: taking ourselves to some of our favorite 'healthy' restaurants.


  1. You guys are awesome, I know you can do it! How long are you going without sweets? Maybe I should do that too! And yes, I'm still waiting on Lake Powell;)

  2. Oh man I am a bad friend... we tempt you too much! Promise no more, k!