Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Holly Jolly Christmas

Me and Brett looked at each other several times on Christmas and said "this is the best Christmas ever!" (actually, the only thing that could've made it better is SNOW)
We had so much fun. It's not always easy trying to split the family time, but this year worked out pretty well!

Here are some pictures from some events this Christmas break:

Playing Settlers of Catan. I love this game!

I am a happy wife again!!!

Isn't it beautiful??!! Sapphires are my favorite!

Probably the one and only family picture we'll
ever have with Shadow. He's getting pretty old, slow,
and stinky, so I wanted to make sure we got this
before he dies.
Oh, and don't we all just look beautiful in the morning???

My mom made Savannah her baby quilt (8 years late)
and surprised her with it on Christmas morning! It matches the
theme of her bedroom.

We thought we were attending the ugly sweater party.....I guess no one else got the message!
(Brett's turtle neck and women's vest was a total of $9 from the DI. I found mine at a yard sale in October.)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Photoshop fun

Me and Brett found this photo on the internet a few weeks ago:
So we decided to re-create it...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Goal accomplished

Remember my 'No Sweets' thing I talked about? Me and Brett have been going pretty strong! We've only messed up a couple of times each. And without making any other major changes in my diet, or exercise schedule, I have lost 5 POUNDS!! Yes!!! It's crazy how much easier it is now to say NO to all of the desserts and candy.
So now....I need to take out some other bad foods, and start working out a little bit more.

My next goal is to lose 4 more pounds. If I do, I'm going to CELEBRATE at TUCANO's with BRETT!

Merry Christmas from the Sommervilles!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Spirit of Christmas

By the magical light of a small Christmas candle
A little old man tries to carefully handle

The small porcelain manger which serves as a bed
For the wee Baby Jesus to lay down His head.

In wonder he brings the manger up to his view,
Smiles at the baby and whispers, “I love you!

I love you for bringing this season of joy,
I love you for growing to a man from a boy;

For being our light and leading the way,
For being the spirit which makes Christmas Day!

You’ve been my mentor, my model, my hero and guide,
Please continue to help me and stay by my side.

I’ve tried to follow your teachings and give as you gave,
Reminding all to be kind and that it’s wise to behave.

Help me to serve others and bring them your light,
Especially the children, please bless them tonight!

Some have so very little, scarce food for their table,
You know how it feels - you were born in a stable!

Bless all their mothers and fathers with a knowledge that’s sure,
The best gift they can give is their love, strong and pure.

That’s the Spirit of Christmas when all’s said and done,
God’s gift of love, that came as His Son!”

Then back to His mother the child is returned
The Nativity glows as the candle is burned.

In a wink the little old man slips quietly away
Some say he goes up the chimney and climbs in a sleigh.

Whatever the case, His mission is clear -
Give unto others, bringing love and good cheer.

He flies into the night and bids us adieu
Doing for others what Jesus would do!

Thursday, December 1, 2011


25 Days til Christmas! I am so excited for the fun Christmas activities, music, and shopping to officially begin! (let's be honest, my Christmas shopping started in September)

I have entered in several Christmas contests, haven't won anything yet, but I am determined!! There's still a few weeks left!

Staying on the Christmas theme, here is a video I made last year. I posted it on youtube, and have actually gotten a few views! haha. Brett makes fun of me that I made a youtube video, which is understandable. Who does that?! Just ignore the poorly made video, and listen to the wonderful words of the song. This will forever be my favorite.