Sunday, March 11, 2012

Life is good!

Brett and I went skiing last week for his birthday. It was so fun! It was freezing and windy and snowing off and I had to take a break to  warm up. By the time I finally went back out, the sun finally started to burn it's way through the clouds (sort of).

We are going to Moab this weekend with Kami & Blaine! FINALLY! This winter has been killing me. I can't wait to enjoy the outdoors again!

Because of this warmer weather, I was able to spend a few hours at my storage unit yesterday. We're selling all of our furniture, so I needed to take some pictures for KSL. And...I'm also hoping to have a yard sale this summer...we've got so much STUFF, that we really don't need.

This past week I got a call to meet with the bishop. Obviously, I knew a new calling was coming. I've really enjoyed teaching the 12-13 year old Sunday school class. 4 boys, 2 girls, and they're all great. The boys talked a lot, but they're still awesome kids. Last Sunday, one girl brought me cookies to my house after church, I think she felt bad that the boys were a little rowdy during class, haha. That was so nice of her.

So before meeting with the bishop, I told Brett if I could have any calling, I would want the beehive advisor. Mainly so I could stay with the 2 girls that I've been teaching, and because the rest of the beehives are so awesome! Well....I ended up getting that calling!!!!! I am so excited! I've received so many nice comments from many people in the ward today. The beehives or their mothers have told me how thrilled they are. The setting apart was amazing. I am just one happy girl today!