Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I ran a halfy!!!

It was so fun! I've already signed up to do another one!
I didn't get the best time, but I did better than I thought I would. Basically, my goal was just to finish, and I FINISHED! Woot woot!! Brett, Kami, and Blaine did absolutely amazing. One day....I hope to be as awesome as them!

The finish line!!
Brett was trying to give me a kiss....and I was way too exhausted to even realize it!

Brett got 10th place overall! AMAZING!

 Blood blister popping party!!! (ewwww)

Luann and Grandpa were super tired from watching us run.

Cutie Ryko!!!!

A Bangerter family reunion? We drove by and saw a Bangerter trailer. Carly??


  1. Wahoo! Ann you guys are awesome! Great job on the run!

  2. So great Annika! Now teach me...hahaha!

  3. Ha ha nope that wasn't us. Our trip isn't for another two weeks! That looks like Adam's camper so it was probably their family.

    But hello!!! A half marathon?? I can barely run a mile. You are amazing! Yes, you need to teach me too along with Breauna! Although I'm not sure I have the motivation needed. Ha ha. And that picture of Brett trying to kiss you is hilarious! What a cutie.

  4. Such a fun trip! I seriously cant tell you how proud I am of you for running the HARDEST HALF MARATHON EVER!!! Cant wait for the SL Halfy Walfy! Love you!

  5. Oh and next year maybe we will actually see the "Sheep Dog" and "Mini Donkeys" Blaine was talking about!

  6. Annkia!! hi!!! remember me?? your pal sammi!! how are you? Here I sit on the couch with a sleeping husband next to me blog snooping and i'm so so so glad i came across you!! it sounds as if you are doing great and I'm so glad. I wore my bingham black cheer shorts the other day. (yes i know, i do still sport them on some occasions...with pride.) and I thought of you. Glad life is well!
    ps. tell brett hi! And i hope to see him in december @ the glorified lifetime. I have a testimony of the true blue book as well as lifetime fitness. And i'm counting down the days until i can visit it. ha ha
    love you! xoxoxoxoxoxox