Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My second half

I ran my second half marathon last weekend! It was awesome. I love it...I think I may become addicted. Comparing the two, the East Canyon half was much harder I think. This one was uphill for the first 4 miles, then downhill the rest of the way. Obviously, the uphill kicked my butt. I walked most of the way. The downhill was a-maz-ing!!! Except when I got a sideaches all over at mile 7...and they never went away. My body was feeling so great the entire time except for the stupid sideaches! Grrr. One of these days...I hope to figure out what is wrong with my insides.

My goal was to beat my last time, which I did by 2 minutes. Not a huge difference, but still, at least it wasn't longer! I am so grateful that Kami ran this with me! As always, she rocked it! She is my biggest motivator!
Shout out to Brett for dropping us off at the start of the race so early in the morning!
Another shout out to Blaine for driving up to the finish, to save us when Kam forgot her car key! haha. And for bringing us donuts!

Exhausted, but still smiling! 

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  1. YAY FOR YOU!!!! I agree with all those shout outs...our hubbys are the best! I cant believe I forgot my key...wait, yes I can. Typical me! P.S. I love those two people in the back of our picture! What is that lady doing? Haha!!