Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fall fun

Fall is clearly over, especially with how much it snowed last weekend!

I have been failing as a blogger lately, FAILING. It is time for me to catch up!

Well, I am 25 years weird. I need time to freeze for just a few more years please!
My coworkers are the BEST at decorating for creative! They know I love chips and salsa, and oatmeal. So what did they do? They gave me the tastiest salsas, and hung oatmeal from the ceiling.

Carving pumpkins at the Prowse house! Brett didn't finish his.... and Blaine obviously doesn't take this pumpkin carving stuff seriously.

We planned a weekend in Logan with the Godfreys. It was so fun! Aggies game, swimming, donuts, and first time to the Logan temple. (Manti is still my favorite)

That about sums it up for fall activites! Winter is going to be soooo exciting!!