Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Need a healthy snack?

I've told many people this...but lately, I'm a little obsessed with the MMandLShow on Youtube. These two are hilarious. I wish I would've loved Michelle Money more when she was actually on the bachelor. I just didn't get her humor back then, but now, I find her hysterical!

I've gotten a few great tips from these ladies! One tip has to be shared, I'm obsessed:
Lesbihonest...I've always had the hardest time eating veggies just plain. It would just be SO much easier if I could smother them in ranch dressing!!! But no, that's extremely fatty. So this alternative has changed my life. I'm able to mix the yogurt and powder quickly at work, bring whatever veggies from my Bountiful Basket, and snack away! SO YUMMY!!! This healthy snack was too good for me not to share!


  1. Looks yummy! I saw a pin for home made ranch seasoning but I didn't look at the recipe so I don't know what's in it. You should look it up though because it would probably be healthier without extra chemicals and save you dollars too!

  2. LESBIHONEST! HAHA!:) I will definitely have to try this...I need all the extra help I can when it comes to eating my veggies!

  3. ooooh I will definitely be trying this cuz I love ranch too!