Friday, April 26, 2013

Shad is home!

Well, 2 years came and went pretty darn fast! For me anyways (sorry Whit). Shad came home from Frankfurt Germany on April 13, and we are so happy to have him back! Brett has been missing his good friend so much. Every night before we went to bed these last 2 years, Brett would say, "Shad should be waking up about now."

This day took me back to so many memories almost 4 years ago when Brett came home (what a glorious day that was!). It was so interesting to be on this side of a missionary coming home, and getting to watch his lovely girlfriend go through the same thing. You did it Whit, it's finally over!!

It's been so fun having Shad's contagious, happy personality around. Welcome home Shad!!!

I attempted to be the 'videographer' for the day. I was hoping it would turn out something like this or this (password elderclayton). HAHA! Boy was I fooling myself! I didn't do such a great job:
  • Please ignore the very yellow-ness of the video. baaaad camera setting that I will never use again. Lesson learned.
  • Also ignore the shaky black borders that are happening. They came with stabilizing the videos and I don't know how to fix it.
  • If anyone knows of an awesome video editing free download, please share. I would love to fix the color, and the stupid, black, shaky borders. The best I found was NCH VideoPad editor, but I couldn't handle how choppy it made everything. Help?!
Now, after I just talked down my video taking skills, please look at what a happy day this was!