Monday, July 29, 2013


I realize that fall is almost here. I know. I'm super behind on blogging. I also realize that I've said that 5679812 times. UGH! Come on Ann.
Who even reads my blog anymore? I know Kami does, and sometimes Blaine, because they get after me when it's been too long without a post! Brett reads the blog when he's checking up on me, (haha, he doesn't want to be embarrassed, cute husband).
Maybe Grandma Marty in California still looks at my blog? hello?


This past spring we were able to go to Las Vegas to celebrate Blainey's 25th birthday! It was such a fun little trip! We stayed at Treasure Island, spent time at the pool, ate at some yummy restaurants (and some not so yummy restaurants::Rainforest), saw Cirque du Soleil KA, and shopped! (Nike store, duh! And LuLuLemon for Kam)

I wish I had some more pictures...mainly of the crazy people on the strip. It is always SO SHOCKING to see what some people are wearing and doing. Luckily I had my sunglasses on most of the time so they couldn't see my staring eyes!