Friday, August 2, 2013


Our tradition of going to East Canyon and running the half marathon continues! This is the most relaxing trip of the summer...but obviously most exhausting at the same time! I am so grateful for the Prowse family, mama Luann and Grandpa Rex for always letting me and Brett crash their family time! The WHOLE family came this year, and it was so much fun to see all of the brothers together! It was my first time meeting Blandon, and his family. OH MY GOSH, his 2 boys are the CUTEST!! Every time I even looked at them, I grinned inside. They made me so happy!

And let's not forget Pearl...most perfect. daughter. ever.

The half marathon went so good! Kami did amazing (of course, she's superwoman!). I did 12 minutes better than last year! wahoo! I made a goal that the only times I would stop and walk were when I was going uphill, and I succeeded! (I hate going uphill, and there are a LOT of hills!)
Brett and Blaine both ran the 10k, and killed it! Seriously, why are boys good at everything?! not fair.

Here are some more pictures from East Canyon!

Grandpa and the Prowse boys:

We taught Harper what a photobomb is:

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  1. Remember when you grabbed Blaine's butt? You didnt have to try and sneak it Ann! ;) and I still cant believe you ran TWELVE mins faster! YOU are superwoman!