Friday, March 21, 2014


It pays off right? It will be worth it, RIGHT??!! 

I convince myself this every. single. day. 

I am so proud of Brett for graduating from the University of Utah! I feel like he has been going to school for forever!! There have been good times (getting good grades, significantly raising his GPA, meeting good friends that have helped so much along the way), and there have been bad times (studying into the wee hours of the morning- and arguing why he should not drink energy drinks at these times, his hatred for taking trax- but doing it because it saves so much money, not taking summer classes those first 2 summers was a huge mistake- so much time wasted).
Buuuuut, he made it through without his head exploding!

It's funny to think this boy I dated in high school, who never showed any real interest in science, math etc., is now SO SMART with these subjects. Like, he actually enjoys learning about this stuff. It's mind blowing when I'm quizzing him on some problems, and he actually knows what he's talking about. It's all gibberish to me!

So now for some big news:
Applying to dental school was super stressful. SO MUCH MONEY. It was hard to go so many months without hearing a word, and if we did-- it was bad news :(
One November day in 2013, I got a call from Brett at work, saying he got an interview at Roseman University. ROSEMAN!!!! I instantly started crying. It was a miracle. An interview, finally! And not just anywhere, ROSEMAN! This is the school that Brett really wanted to go to. It doesn't hurt that it's in our hometown, that I would get to keep my amazing job, that we'd get to stay by our family and friends and wouldn't have to move out of state (remember my feelings about Wyoming?), but we've heard so many great things about ROSEMAN!!!

The interview came and went, and we didn't hear anything for about 2-3 weeks. This was either really good, or really bad! We didn't know!

In December, we took a small vacation to California with a Disney gift card. While we were in the Haunted Mansion, Brett got a phone call, from ROSEMAN. He promptly called them back as soon as the ride was over (he was shaking so bad). When I heard him expressing his gratitude and saying how excited he was, I started crying, AGAIN! There we were, in the Happiest Place on Earth, crying! I'm so glad they were happy tears!!!

Towards the end of the day, we were walking down main street, and noticed this cute place we had never seen before! It seemed to fit the day perfectly! (I seriously wonder what's inside??!!)

Hurray for 4-6 more years of school!!
(It will be worth it)


  1. Oh Annika, I love this!! I seriously went through the same emotions when Andrew was applying to Grad school, so this is all too familiar! And YES, it will TOTALLY be worth it!! Tell Brett congrats from us!!! So happy you guys get to stay here!!

  2. Im so happy you arent leaving us! We literally wouldnt have any friends here;) So happy for you guys! It will DEFINITELY be worth it. Hang in there. XOXO!