Friday, April 18, 2014


I wanted to combine this Stikwood idea:
DIY Ikea hack Stikwood headboard
and this bookshelf idea:

for my cheap bookshelf from Ikea.
KILBY Bookcase IKEA The shelves are adjustable so you can customize your storage as needed.

Well Stikwood is beyond expensive. If I am ever a millionaire, I don't think I'd even buy it then. How can you charge that much for wood??! So I decided to do the Stikwood look and buy the supplies at Home Depot. (Does anyone else LOVE the smell of Home Depot?! Amazing) This Ikea bookshelf was about $25, and my supplies from Home Depot were about $25. A MUCH better deal than the $200 of Stikwood. psh.

We enlisted the help of Brett's dad. We knew Dean would love to help us, since he is such a project type guy. And let's be honest, Brett could use a few lessons when it comes to manly type projects. He only paid attention to basketball as a child.

So we spent a Saturday evening cutting, staining, and gluing all of the wood to the gray backing of the bookshelf.

After letting it dry overnight, we picked up the backing off the ground to put it in our car...and something like this happened:

On the bright side, luckily wood doesn't shatter...

We threw it in the back of our car anyway, to glue everything back down when we got home. By this time, Brett was so done with this project. I was shocked that he even helped me with it in the first place (He really hates my projects I come up with). He was convinced it wouldn't work. But there's no way I was going to let that $25 from Home Depot go down the drain!
So I glued it all down and let it dry once again overnight. The next morning before work, I wanted to carefully place it on the back of the bookshelf so I could nail it all into place.

And then:

But I didn't have a pool to jump into. So I just left the mess there, and left for work.

After Brett walked in on the mess, I think he started to feel bad that I was failing miserably. So he suggested some gorilla glue. Off I was after work to Home Depot to buy some $5 gorilla glue, and a different method in mind to glue it all down:
I nailed the backing to the bookcase first, then glued it all down.
Miracles do happen! It worked! and I LOVE it!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The perks of credit cards

My lovely friend at work, Amanda, has so lovingly introduced me into the world of credit cards. And has introduced me to this blog: World Wanderlusting. It has changed my life. If anyone is in need of a vacation, and doesn't want to pay the couple of thousand dollars to take one, I suggest you spend a few hours (yes, a few hours) reading that blog and learning. It is fascinating!
Right now, I've got enough miles from credit cards for me and Brett to take a couple of free vacations (within the U.S.A. of course. One day we'll make it across the deep blue sea). The only question is...when will we take them? Life gets a little cray cray! :)

It definitely takes a specific type of person to do this though. If you're a psycho, controlling, money freak like me, you'll probably do great at this! Thank heavens I didn't know this about myself until after I got married. I'm lucky Brett married me when he did!
But if you've ever been in credit card debt, had a hard time getting out, or struggle living within a's probably not for you.

We all know my go-to vacation is Disneyland/Santa Monica. Duh. Brett and I have been there 5 or 6 times since we've been married. He's such a good sport. It's easy to go when we have grandparents to stay with!
But, Brett put his foot down and said we can't go to the Happiest Place ever again until we have a 3 year old child. That's so far away!!

So, the top 3 places I would love to travel to within the U.S. that I've never been to are:
1. New York City, maybe combined with a trip to Palmyra
2. Alaska Cruise
3. San Francisco, Oakland Temple

Happy Wanderlusting!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


One day, I want to be around when things happen like this: