Saturday, October 18, 2014

Trax from my iPhone, part 2

Trax will never get boring, ever.
You can read my first trax post here.
I hope I don't offend anyone by sharing the pictures that entertain me! It's really all good fun!

There is a little tiny baby in this duck costume. Her feet would occasionally wiggle. Awww!

This couple have the cutest clothes on every single day. This day in particular, they looked like they belonged in a Gap magazine.

We all need to remember to stretch!! (I really was a little shocked how comfortable, and CLOSE she got to me while stretching!)

I never caught on to the whole duct tape thing.

This man takes his scooter riding seriously, and safely.

The next 3 pictures: COMIC CON. This is my favorite week to ride on trax!!! (no sarcasm here, I really do love it)

I'm really trying not to sound racist. Because I'm not. But every so often on Temple Square, there is a big group of Asians on a tour. This group was particularly large. I am a little jealous of all the nice cameras they have!

Now THIS guy was entertaining!!

No words for this.

And then there is City Creek. I see the same homeless people almost every day, but this was someone I had never seen before. (yes, that is his/her bum. Give him/her a break, it was early)

The blondest hair I have ever seen!! Such a cutie.

Another cutie...I mean, how could I not take a picture of this?

I'm waiting for the day where I show up on someone's blog...known as the lady that always has her phone out taking pictures of other funny people. :)


  1. This post and the last one are my favorite posts of yours. Does that well dressed couple always match?

  2. thats the cutest little bum I have ever seen....I wonder if it was a he or a she bum ;)