Thursday, February 12, 2015

Eva for Loverly - Bridesmaid dresses

I was asked by Loverly to highlight some of my favorite dresses from their new collection: Eva for Loverly. (You can shop for them here: And see all the Bridesdmaid dresses here: ( all know how much I LOVE weddings, It's a shame that you can should only get married once! I would marry Brett every year if I could, and make each wedding theme different. There's just so many wonderful styles out there!

Now let's start out with my favorite dress and favorite color, shall we? BLUE!
Not only is this dress blue, it's lace. Not only is this dress blue AND lace, but it reminds me of Kate Middleton (the left dress). And we ALL want to look like Kate Middleton. AmIRight?

And I may also be declaring this dress as my favorite, because blue was my wedding color. And this dress would've been perfecto.

Add some sleeves to this dress, and I would wear it every day! Navy blue is my 2nd favorite color. And the waistline is so slimming!

I love the cute texture in these dresses! How different and fun is that?! I will say though...I've never been a neutral color person. Even though the neutral colors have been super in style for weddings for the past couple years...I just can't get into it. I'm all about the bright colors! COLOR = HAPPINESS

Turquoise is probably my 4th favorite color on the planet (Dark Teal in 3rd). I would be one happy bride if my bridesmaids wore this color!

The lace! So pretty and so feminine. I love it!

 I love the knee length dress for the girl on the left. It's so flattering! That pattern is also to die for!

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