Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Teagan's First Easter

It scares me a little bit how beautiful this little girl is. I mean, I know I'm her mom, so of course she is beautiful to me. But I like to think that everyone else sees her beauty as well. Maybe she should be our only child, because honestly, I've never met a more beautiful and happy person! I'm so grateful for her!
After buying her Easter dress (from Costco, $15) I just knew I had to get her pictures taken. We took her to Camera Shy at Jordan Landing. It was about $100 and I loved it! They have really cute backgrounds. But next time I go, I'll make sure to be more controlling. Some of the backgrounds that the photographer chose just did not go with her dress. Ugh! So I'll make sure to be "that annoying mom" next time.


  1. ANNIKA!!!!! she is just the cutest! your family and your cuteness- oh, it kills me!!!

  2. That smile! She is beautiful.