Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Thoughts on Pregnancy

10 months later, I guess I'll post about being pregnant!
I knew before I ever got pregnant, that I WOULD NOT enjoy it. I could just look at a pregnant woman and think to myself, "that looks like the worst thing in the world." And it really is.
This is not to make anyone feel bad that cannot get pregnant, obviously bringing a child into this world is a blessing, but that doesn't mean I have to enjoy the drawn out, 9 month process of getting her here!


As I'm writing this post I'm thinking...maybe I should write a list of all the good things about being pregnant, because that list would be a lot shorter than the bad things.
So here I am trying to find something good, and I'm being very honest when I say:
The only good thing is the amount of double stuffed Oreos I ate and I don't feel too guilty about it.
And I guess the second good thing was that I never really got sick. So that's good too.

Here is the one pregnant selfie I will post.
I HATED going to the gym. I've never felt more eyes on me in my life. Yes, I have a belly. Yes, it's huge. Please stop looking at me.

So Brett and I would go to the gym after it closed so that I felt comfortable working out and doing what I wanted. It also allowed me to be comfortable in shorts and a tank with this big belly! I would not normally wear this outfit in public in this condition. but here I am sharing it on my public blog? :/  ha!
I'm so grateful that Brett worked there!

Notes for next pregnancy:
  • Maybe don't eat multiple packages of double stuffed Oreos at one time.
  • Work out at home instead of giving up on it all together. Because now it's taking way too long to bounce back.
  • Move to Australia for 9 months.

I follow a few youtube channels. One that I LOVE is Michelle Pearson: I'm A Mommy. She is my childhood friends older sister. (did you get that?)

She is cute and pregnant right now and posted this video on her channel a few days ago. This video NEEDS to be shared! Everything she talks about is exactly how I felt. It is exactly the reason I didn't even want to tell people I was pregnant because I hated the comments that came with it. I don't even know if hate is a strong enough word for how I felt about it. Obviously I couldn't get away with not telling family, close friends, or coworkers, because I see these people every day. Or more like, they would see me everyday.
Although people didn't realize, I would probably cry every time a comment was made about my size. I would run off to the bathroom and let it out for 60 seconds. I think Brett definitely learned to not say a word about how I looked. haha! The night before my water broke, I remember having a freak out, melt down because of comments that were made (not by Brett, just other people). I'm so grateful Teagan came when she did!
After going through a pregnancy, I've definitely learned to not say a word to pregnant ladies about how they look, because no matter what I tell them, they know exactly how they look and feel.
Anyway, enough of my rambling. Just listen to Michelle. :)

Funny (but sad) story: The first day I realized I couldn't fit in my pants was not a good day. Saturdays are the one day that I don't have to wear a skirt! It's Heaven. So one Saturday Brett and I were going to Ikea. I came into the living room wearing a skirt because I couldn't get any of my pants on and I didn't want to wear sweats and look like a bum. Brett said, "Why are you wearing a skirt?" And I just started to cry. He felt so bad. haha! After Ikea, we went to his parents house, and Robyne said, "Why are you wearing a skirt?" And the tears came all over again! Haha. I couldn't help it!


  1. Girl, we are totally on the same page. I'm so grateful that I am able to be pregnant, but I am definitely not a fan of everything that comes with it. Which is one reason why I never announce it on Facebook or Instagram. But seriously, you are smokin' in your prego picture! No joke!! I am very jealous that you were able to wear spanks and look good!

    And on a side note: I wear my maternity pants for at least 6 months after I give birth. It's depressing, but what do ya do. It's a good thing those babies we pop out are cute!

    1. Yes they are cute! Phew! haha!

      And I promise I'm not smokin in that picture! luckily it was dark so you can't see all the imperfections!!!