Thursday, June 11, 2015

Days with Babysitters - part 1

Teagan has gotten to know our families so well since I am still working full time. I LOVE when they send me pictures of their days together. She is such a goofball. It's been such a comfort to me that she is in such good hands and that she is so happy!

 My sister Abby definitely gets the prize for taking the most (and funniest) pictures! Above, Teagan is falling asleep by comforting herself with the wetwipe. ha!

Ava Kate loves cleaning in between her toes! Since Teagan is still too young to do it herself, Ava thought she'd help her out!

Discovering her lovely self in the mirror!

Her playpen while Aunt Abby takes a shower!

Taking a walk with Grandma Betty

So goofy!!!

She loves Aunt Abby's gnome.

Destroying Grandma Kelly's office

On her 1st birthday, Aunt Abby took her to Costco!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Daybreak Lake ducks

Brett is getting ready for his first triathlon this Saturday! So last week, while he was finishing his bike ride and run around the lake (he ran 3 miles in 20 minutes=insane!), me and Teagan fed some Goldfish to the duckies! It wasn't as fun as we thought it was going to be...

Once the Goldfish came, the ducks did too. ALL of them! It's like they were starving or something. Teagan didn't like it so much, so she climbed back into her stroller, and started eating the Goldfish herself.

It was fun to see all of the different colors of ducks!

Do you see Teagan's hand there on the left, holding the Goldfish? Well, this picture was taken right before the duck snapped at her fingers!!! Teagan was fine, but I about had a heart attack. I almost drop kicked that stupid duck.

Besides all of the duck droppings on the ground, it was a pretty peaceful view.