Monday, July 20, 2015

Brett's First Triathlon

I'm only about a month and a half late...., but this Daybreak Triathlon was so fun! (Probably because I wasn't the one racing, ha!) Brett did the Sprint Tri. Meaning, it's half the distance than the Olympic Tri, which is what his sister Tara, and his dad, Dean, did.  

Here's Brett feeling a little nervous!

Teagan came along to support her dad.

It was a tiny bit rainy as the swim started, but the sky was beautiful. Finding Brett was super hard, everyone looked the same in all of their yellow caps!

There's Tara finishing her swim and on her way to her bike! She didn't even look tired!

Brett finished his swim much faster than I thought he would (he had practiced swimming only a handful of times, so this was a huge accomplishment!)

Brett took about 4 minutes in his transition time! (I gave him a really hard time for this, he wanted to take his sweet time, silly guy.) But he finished his bike ride SUPER fast, which was not a surprise, he's awesome on his bike.

Done! Unfortunately, Brett's calf cramped up on his run, which hurt his time pretty bad. He's had crampy calves for the past few years, and can't seem to overcome it. But he still did waaaaay better than I ever could! I'm so proud of him for doing something he's never done before!

Here's Tara starting her run!

Dean and Tara finishing together! woohoo!

Cute family! Hopefully next summer I'll be in shape enough to do this!

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  1. How fun is that! Almost makes me want to a tri.... almost. Way to go Brett!