Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hawaii - Part 1 (Oahu)

I don't even know where to begin!!!

This was our first time to Hawaii. When planning this vacation, I didn't even know which island I wanted to go to. So...we decided on 3: Oahu, then Maui, then the Big Island.
Next time, we'll make a stop to Kauai. Which will be in 30 years. :)

And for all of you who are thinking, "You are $200,000 in debt (so far) with your husband in dental school, how did you go to Hawaii?" Points my friends, credit card points. I should do an entire post how I did it.

I guess I'll just try to share our vacation through pictures!

Our first time flying over the deep blue sea.

Teagan was perfect on the flight! Whenever she'd start to get a little restless, we'd pull out a Dum Dum sucker! Works like a charm!

The next morning, we headed out bright and early towards Laie!

If you've seen 50 First Dates, the cafe in that movie was named after this one! But this is obviously the original location. It was SOOOO good and was probably my favorite place that we ate throughout the whole trip.

The Laie Temple was absolutely beautiful!

Brett and I took turns doing temple work so one of us could stay with Teagan. She had a good time playing with pulling my hair!

Next up: the Polynesian Cultural Center!
Let me start out by saying that this day in Hawaii was probably the hottest day of the century! Yes, century. The only other place I have sweat this much was in Puerta Vallarta. So to be outside most of the day was a struggle. I definitely took my time in the gift shops to feel some air conditioning.

The Luau was so fun! Teagan had finally taken a nap, which explains her sweaty/tired look in this video! The food was delicious, and the dancers were awesome (and very sweaty as well).

The next day, we woke up early to go to Pearl Harbor. What a neat place! We wish we could've taken more time to read everything and learn a bit more, but with a 1 year old...that's impossible. We'll go back again some day!

Herb Weatherwax was in the Army in Oahu when Pearl Harbor happened. It's crazy to think he witnessed it all!

It was time to relax and hang out for the rest of the day!

Don't mind me talking to Teagan. 

Matsumoto shaved ice!