Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hawaii - Part 3 (Big Island)

After 2 nights on Maui, we flew over to the Big Island to meet Brett's family. We picked up our amazing rental car--a Nissan Pathfinder. Oh Nissan, I just love you. Especially after driving in that horrific Ford.
Then we headed to the condo! (Dean's friend gave us an awesome deal!)

We didn't really have anything planned for this part of the vacation. It was mainly just a lot of relaxing which was so nice, since I had jam-packed our schedule on Oahu and Maui. are some pictures from our week on the Big Island!

The beach that was just a few minutes walk from the condo! (I'm not sure what Brett and Van are looking at...)

We went to Haunanau Bay, also known as "Two Step," because you basically take two steps down these rocks to get into the beautiful snorkeling water! This "beach" wasn't the best though. Lots of rock, not a lot of shade.

These people behind Brett are where you go down the "two steps."

The west side of the island is completely different than the east side...which you'll see in just a moment.

They were surrounded by 5 turtles at one point!

My face is pretty ugly in this picture, but I had to post it because just LOOK at Teagan! Oh she cracks me up!

Although they tried really hard to get everything ready to scuba still didn't end up working out. There was a leak...or something... I don't know. Maybe next time!

Welcome to the East side of the island!! Completely opposite from the lava rock side. 

Gigantic leaves!

Brett has a dream of making a book, full of hundreds of different pictures of basketball hoops. So here is his first addition to that book.

I was surprised how much I liked coconut water. It would've been yummier had it been cold. (Random: Did anyone see this lady on Snapchat the other day?! I was so excited that I could say "I've been there!")
The pineapples were $15!!! No thanks...(although her sample was delicious!)

And, here ends our Hawaii trip. :( :( :( 
One big regret I have: Not visiting the Kona Temple. It was right there. We had plenty of time, but I let my laziness take over. And who knows if we'll ever go back to the Big Island. :( :( 

After visiting the 3 islands, I think Oahu is my favorite. It's so hard though, because every island has something different to offer. 
I'm so glad we got to go! It's so fun to explore parts of this world with Brett and learn new things. I can't wait for our next adventure. I've got more hotel points and airline miles to spare, so I better use them before Teagan turns 2 and we have to start buying her a seat!

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