Wednesday, November 4, 2015

September & October Stories

Here is a little collage of the randomness on my phone from September and October! Because there is no way to blog these pictures individually.

Labor Day weekend: After a minor mixup with our condo calendar in Midway, the whole Sommerville family ended up staying at the Marina at Stawberry Reservoir. It was such a fun weekend!

Crawdad fishing!

We sort of forgot Teagan's life jacket. So she had to wear one that was a tad too big!

Target. Who doesn't love Target? Whenever we see cute headbands while shopping, Teagan likes to wear them around the store.

We have a new foster cousin! Abby and Mike got a cute little boy that is only a month younger than Teagan. And we all just love him!

We are preparing to potty train in December! Hoping that we don't completely torture our child all at once, we decided to put her in a toddler bed before putting her in big girl panties. It was a rough week, especially when she wakes up with some cough attacks (poor girl can't get rid of this cold). But I think it's getting better and better!

We finally found Teagan a coat from Target! (duh!) She loves wearing it around the house.

Instead of trying to carve pumpkins, this year, we decided to paint them!

Every time we come home, Teagan likes to say hi to our pumpkins!

Grandpa Dean, Brett and Teagan went fishing up at Strawberry (we remembered Teagan's life jacket this time).

Brett and Teagan came to visit me after work, and we showed Teagan how to throw pennies into the reflection pond. She almost fell in a few different times. 

While Brett was reffing one Saturday, I took Teagan outside to play on the swings and slides! We were out there for almost 2 hours! She threw a minor fit when I finally took her back inside.
But--this was her first time that she's gone down all of these slides by herself! She was in HEAVEN!

I love looking up and seeing Teagan doing things like this. It makes me so happy that she loves her Disney princesses as much as I do! (don't mind the messy house in the background!)

We went to the pumpkin patch with our dear friends, the Godfreys! I couldn't just choose one picture, so here are a few to document the evening!

These two are the cutest little friends!

Brett and I went to Garth Brooks for my birthday! This was Brett's favorite concert he's ever been to. For me...Garth is tied with Shania!

Teagan got a cold on the day of Halloween! Not even 2 weeks after she got rid of her last one! GRRRR! So...needless to say, there were quite a few fits being thrown this day. I'm surprised I was able to get her entire head sprayed black for her Snow White costume! Here is cute daddy Brett, helping her with her cape.

We went trick or treating with all of her cousins on the Peterson side! Don't they all look so excited? I had to disguise "Charlie Brown's" face, we're not allowed to show foster kid's faces on the internet. I promise his face is so cute!!