Thursday, December 3, 2015

November Stories (Welcome baby Austin)

We knew baby Austin would probably be arriving before Thanksgiving, so Brett agreed that we could decorate for Christmas early!

Teagan has been pretty addicted to her youtube videos lately. It's driving me crazy! But sometimes, I'm happy to let her watch them if that's what it takes to keep her from throwing her fits. :)

I went in for an ultrasound at 36 weeks so they could try to measure this big baby boy! Sure enough, he measured at 8 pounds!!!

I was induced at 38 weeks!

I was thrilled to be getting this baby out of me so I didn't have to be pregnant anymore!

Baby Austin (luckily) only weighed 7 pounds, 13 ounces! YAY!
I couldn't believe all of that dark hair!

Just making my heart melt.

 Teagan meeting baby brother for the first time. It seems all she wanted to do was touch his eyes. :/

But she loves him dearly. Always randomly giving him kisses and hugs, which also involves sometimes laying on top of him!

Poor baby Austin had jaundice. It was hard not being able to snuggle him for those few days!

One night of sleeping on the couch, next to Austin on his light bed, I woke up to Brett talking to Teagan. I ran in the room to see her covered in vomit. She had thrown up, and rolled in it. Laundry and bath time in the middle of the night! (Notice the bowl next to me, in case she needed to throw up again.)

I don't have any pictures of Thanksgiving. It was quite possibly the worst holiday ever. Brett was throwing up ALL NIGHT LONG. I maybe got 2 hours of sleep. I took the kids to my parents for lunch, leaving Brett home, which was just plain sad, because Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday. I couldn't stop crying from exhaustion, and luckily snuck away with Teagan to take a 1 hour nap.
I am so grateful that me and little Austin didn't get sick! Let's pray it stays that way for the rest of this cold/flu season!


  1. Holy Hair!! Baby Austin is the cutest! And that's funny you think Teagan looks like Ava. I can kinda see it. I'm pretty sure that means they need to be friends right??? You need to come over one of these days so I can meet your two kiddos! Hope you're recovering well!

  2. ANNIKA! i seriously LOVED this post until the puke part then wanted to cry for you. but still... your family! the cutest!!!!! i miss you guys so much. so glad things are going well (eh, minus thanksgiving). stay healthy cute sommervilles!