Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Days with Babysitters - part 2

I love love LOVE it when my family sends me pictures of Teagan, and now Austin, while I'm away at work. If you didn't see my first post a few months back, you can see it here.
I start to miss these kids like crazy, so it's fun to see what their days are like with their aunts and grandmas!

These pictures go back to last summer....oh how I wish it was warm outside!

Her very own chair at Grandma Betty's house!

What a hard life...going to the Cheesecake Factory and people shoving ice cream in your face.

A little blurry, but Teagan was so proud that she got up on the couch by herself. She can do this now easy breezy.

Anything Frozen, she'll see it, and reach for it!

Fell dead asleep on a wagon ride to pick up her cousin from school.

Teagan's dance moves. I might need to do an entire post of just videos of her dancing. It never gets old!

She found her binky....attached to the diaper bag.

Words can't express how much I love these two together. It's a special thing having a cousin the exact same age. Sadly I can't show his cute face since he is in foster care.

The pets follow her everywhere!

It's so helpful when the cousins are off track!