Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Christmas Events

Oh boy, I'm a little behind!

The timing of little Austin coming couldn't have been more perfect! I was able to have all of the holidays on my maternity leave! And the month of December at work is typically slow, so I didn't feel too guilty not being there.

I tried taking some newborn photos of Austin myself, but those should never be seen by anyone. So I scheduled an appointment at Camera Shy because they did such a good job with Teagan's Easter pictures (here).

Bridger called on Christmas Eve morning! He is loving his mission in Armenia. His happiness is contagious!

We had the Hyatt family Christmas party at my cousin, Shannon's house.

It's not Christmas unless there is a puzzle out!

All of the little kids playing in the cutest little girls room you've ever seen!

Again, we can't show this boy's cute face since he is in Foster Care.

 My sweet grandma and grandpa, hate having their picture taken. So I have to take it when they're not looking!

Look closely at that Christmas card. My cousin Kelsey and her boyfriend should win an award of some kind!

After the Hyatt party, it was time for the Sommerville party! Santa even decided to show up...which scared Teagan just a little bit.

It's a little hard to get a nap in when there is so much excitement happening. Around 7pm, Teagan laid down with grandpa to rest.

We slept over at my parents home with the whole family.

With all of the toys that Santa brought Teagan, of course her favorite thing was the binkies!

She also liked playing with her cousin's toys.

After presents, we headed to our traditional IHOP breakfast with the Sommerville and VanWagoner families. (Are you keeping track of how often we switch families? We do this every year!)

Then back to Brett's parents home to open some more presents!

Not picutred: We went back to my parents home, and then back to Brett's parents home that evening.

We are SO LUCKY to have the Sommerville and Peterson families live within a few minutes of each other. It makes celebrating all holidays with both families possible.

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  1. i swear i say this after every post but YOUR KIDS ARE SO CUTE! teagy looks so old now that austin is here, and my GOSH, austin is so darling!!!!