Saturday, April 23, 2016

Wheeler Farm

I feel like it was a looong winter, and I started to feel bad for keeping Teagan cooped up inside so much.
Teagan has gotten really good at her animal sounds lately, so I figured the farm would be a perfect place to take her!

HUGE turkeys!

 Horsie says "neeeeeee"

The ducks are her favorite!

Duck says "caa caa"

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

West Jordan High - Prom

After I took the Sweethearts Dance photos for Robyne & her friends (back HERE) she asked me to take her Prom pictures too!!! Prom!!! I just love high school dances, so how could I say no?!!
Take a look at these beautiful people:

I can't get enough of this cute couple.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

February & March Stories

Sheesh how time flies! The past 2 weeks, we've been dealing with many sicknesses within our little family. I'm hoping they are behind us for good, and never come back. I've gotten a little behind on life. :) But what else is new as a mom, amiright?

But here are some things we've been up to the last couple of months!

Rootstech! I don't usually attend, but I saw that Love Taza was coming, and I HAD TO GO! Of course, she had the cutest dress on. She and her husband did a great job!

We spent Superbowl Sunday at the Godfrey home!

How cute are these 2 friends?

We said a very sad goodbye to Luther. :( He left to go live with another family. Teagan misses him so much. She always says his name, then says "buhbye" with sad lips. I'm hoping these 2 will find each other later in life and get married!

Sleeping babies at the same time!

Teagan said goodbye to another friend, Zoe, who lives in our branch. People need to stop leaving!

We went to the Bingham High state basketball game! I made Brett go. It's the 10 year anniversary of his team winning state, and he got to watch the game with his old friends and teammates! Congrats to Bingham for winning again, 10 years later! :)

These brothers celebrated their birthdays!

Brett's sister Tara, got a little out of control with the amount of Rockstars she gave him for his birthday. If you know know how much I hate energy drinks. I told Brett these were the last ones for the rest of his life....if they didn't kill him first.

Teagan loves going on walks. She'll name off everyone that should go on the walk with her..."mommy, daddy, teagy, ozzy..." ha!

Easter festivities! We went to Gunnison the week before Easter and Teagan learned how to hunt for eggs!

Easter Sunday we spent with the Sommerville family.

A doctor appointment for the 4-month old boy, on a crazy snowy, spring day.

The General Women's Session had the prettiest. flowers. ever!

My mom and sisters came to the session with me.

photobomb :)

Rae had a Minnie Mouse birthday! The piƱata was a HUGE hit! ;)

 Brett went to Los Angeles for a dental conference. Lucky him!

We got this little bear his first life jacket!

And finally...I joined Vasa. I need to start swimming more since....dun dun dun....I'm doing a triathlon in less than 2 months. Am I ready? Absolutely not. Will I die? Most likely.