Thursday, May 19, 2016

I have a 2 year old!

We celebrated Teagan's birthday on Friday the 13th! Luckily, we had no bad luck. ;) The day started at about 6:30am, as she walked out into the living room to see a bunch of balloons on the floor. She was so surprised!

After seeing her presents on the table, she was ready to get the day started! She was dressed, hair done, and opened her presents all by 7:30am!

To prepare her for Lagoon and Disneyland, I thought Jungle Jim might be a good starter! and it was! There were only 4 rides, but she loved each one of them.

I think the swings was her favorite!

After Jungle Jim, I drove up to Layton to buy a new lens from a woman's ad I found on KSL. So of course, I immediately put the new lens on my camera, and snapped some pics. Look at Austin's eyes! So pretty!

Birthday lunch at Chick Fil A with a special (free) ice cream cone with sprinkles (her fave!)

We went home and opened presents from Grandma Betty, which dang it, I didn't get any pictures of. She got some pretty cute clothes, and a new baby doll.
Then we went to Grandma Kelly's house to have some cake and (more) ice cream!
--don't mind Teagan in her panties...potty training is so fun!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Seattle/Vancouver cost breakdown

Like I did for Hawaii, I kept track of what everything was costing me, and what I saved. It's not as drastic as Hawaii was, but was a very good deal! (And could've been better if the rental car company didn't trick me into signing towards an extra $104. :( :( )

We stayed with close family friends in Everett, so that obviously helped us save big time.

 Product: What I
Actual Cost:
 Alaska Airlines
 SLC to BOI to SEA
 (Used points from Citi AAdvantage Mastercard)
$0.00 $268.00
 Alaska Airlines
 (Used points from Citi AAdvantage Mastercard)
$0.00 $268.00
 Luggage - Carry on $0.00 $0.00
 Rental car - Priceline "Name your price"
 (Reimbursed with Capital One Venture Rewards)
$0.00 $162.67
 Rental car - charged again through Avis $104.18 $104.18
 Best Western Plus Uptown hotel through Priceline $91.23 $91.23
 ATT International data plan $30.00 $30.00
 Space Needle $46.20 $46.20
Total: $271.61 $970.28

I learned from last time, we did carry-ons instead of checking our luggage! A lot cheaper, and SOOO much easier! Traveling with 2 babies, I was a little worried that everything wouldn't fit. But Brett and I wore the same thing almost the whole time... ha! And we bought diapers when we got there, instead of packing a bunch.

This little trick I though of was a LIFESAVER! Teagan walks at the pace of a grandma, and we needed to hurry to board the plane! She had so much fun riding on the suitcase like this.

I got the PERFECT view of Mount Rainier! I promise it's much bigger than it looks from this angle!

Fruit snacks and Rapunzel. What could be better?

Saturday, May 7, 2016


We decided to drive up to Vancouver, BC, Canada for a night. It was our first time to Canada! Crossing the border was easy peasy. Teagan said "hi!" to the security about 100 times. She LOVES saying hi to strangers. 

The next morning, we enjoyed (or endured) our free breakfast from the Best Western. Then headed out to tour this interesting city. 

The 2010 Winter Olympics were in Vancouver, so we stopped to see the Olympic Cauldron.

Teagan has learned to actually point the camera to certain things, so we have lots of pictures with tiny fingers in the corners.

Vancouver is an interesting city. I'm glad I I know I don't ever need to go back. ha! I can't really even explain what I didn't like about it. Maybe I needed a local to show us around! But it was absolutely beautiful!

My favorite part of Vancouver was Stanley park. They had a lot of different things to see and do, I'm sad we couldn't spend more time there!

Lately, whenever Teagan says "cheese," she puts her hands up to her cheeks to make it even cuter!

After soooo much driving (and crying children), we found the nearest playground to get out and stretch! (And change diapers)

Since it was a Sunday, we coulnd't go inside the Vancouver temple, but we took some time (again, to stretch) on the temple lawn.

We crossed the border back into the USA, spent one more night in Seattle, then flew home the next morning. 
Whew! That was a quick trip!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


We had American Airline points that were of course we had to use them! We decided to visit Seattle the second week of April. Brett has been there before, but this was my first time. Our friends, Julie and Rhett, were so kind to let us stay with them. They even took our kids on a walk to let me and Brett have a nap. How nice is that?!

Did you  know that 2 lap children are not allowed to sit on the same row? So me and Brett had to sit separately. This was Teagan's last flight on my lap though. She turns 2 next week!

The next morning, we woke up bright and early to start our tour of the city!

I've seen pictures of the gum wall online...but nowhere does anyone say how bad it STINKS! Seriously, if you're sensitive to bad smells, don't go here. It almost made me gag. I didn't participate in the sticking of the gum on the wall.

We wanted to go on the Ferris Wheel, but couldn't figure out how to get to it?! There was construction happening, and it seemed to block off all entrances to the we gave up.

We visited the aquarium! It was so fun to watch Teagan look at all of the fish. The water was freezing, she didn't want to stick her hand in to touch the star fish.

A puffin! Does this remind anyone else of the Swan Princess?

It was so fun to walk around Pike's Place. It was much bigger than I imagined.

I looooved all of the flowers. I had such a hard time deciding what to get for Julie as a thank you!

We made our way to the Space Needle. The view was beautiful!!! Any direction you looked was just amazing.

 How amazing is Julie, to babysit our kids while we ran away to the temple?? I just love her.